Scary green giant that mutates people with his blood

Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d12, Spirit d12, Strength d12+5, Vigor d12
Skills: Fighting d12, Guts d12, Intimidation d12, Notice d6, Throwing (blood) d6
Charisma: --6; Pace: 6” Parry: 9; Toughness: 15
Hindrances: Bloodthirsty, Mean
Edges: Brawny, Imprived Sweep
Gear: Large wooden shield (+2 Parry, +2 armor to ranged shots that hit)
Special Abilities:
Blood: If the blood hits a hero then he must make a Spirit roll or gain one Fatigue level. If the hero is killed by this fatigue then he transforms into a Giant Monster. The only way of stopping this or reversing this effect is to kill Todoto.
Huge: Attackers get +4 to hit him
Size +7: Todoto is bigger than a T-Rex
Smashing Fist: Str +1. The hero must oppose the damage rolled with an Strength roll or be knocked a number of inches away equal by the amount that they failed the roll.
Weakness: If you hit both of it's eyes (10 times!) then Todoto is at a disadvantage (Joe insists that this is a weakness!)