Chronicles of the Predators

By Dave Blewer

Occult Library 1 pt.

Back in the late seventies, an experienced Vampire Hunter known only as Somnus became obsessed with the fact that vampires seemed to prey upon teenagers and those in their early twenties almost predominately. He
theorised that there must be a way to get information, critical to their survival, out to those most at risk.

Over the years he poured his not inconsiderable fortune into funding and producing a series of tv series and comics chock full of information on how to combat and protect oneself from the vampire menace. Most of these
projects were either cancelled early on in their run or died stillborn before they could see the light of day.

One comic book collection, The Chronicles of the Predators, was particulary successful/popular and managed to reach the twenty issue milestone before it's publisher was subject to a hostile take-over by the law firm Wolffram and Hart. Today individual issues change hands for large amounts on e-bay and complete collections of the Chronicles are sold in particularly clued in occult paraphinalia shops.

The Chronicles of the Predators is a twenty issue graphic novel collection published by the short lived Daybreak Studios. It details the adventures of a small group of demon and vampire hunters, led by a mysterious shadowy man known as Somnus, strangely the comic is also written,drawn and inked by a Somnus as well. most dismiss this as pretentious vanity publishing.

Those in the know, recognise that a lot of the information imparted by the collection is remarkably accurate, even going so far as to mention certain threats - Spike, Drusilla, Sisters of Jhe - by name. Furthermore if the
pages of the comics are bathed in Utraviolet light, a complex formula is revealed that can be translated into spell formulae.

The Chronicles contains the spells Revoke Invitation, Thespia's Demon Detection and eight others that can be detailed as and when needed.

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