Repairman Jack

By Adam Coleman

Character Type: Experienced Hero
Life Points: 40
Drama Points: 20

Attributes (25 +1 from Criminal):

Strength 3 Intelligence 3
Dexterity 3 Perception 5
Constitution 5 Willpower 6

Qualities (25):
Attractiveness +1 (1)
Fast Reaction Time (2)
Criminal (2)
Situational Awareness (2)
Nerves of Steel (3)
Contacts (4)
Natural Toughness (2)
Hard to Kill (5)
Resources (2) (4)

Drawbacks (10):
Adversary (Assorted) (3)
Emotional Problems (Fear of Commitment) (1)
Recurring Nightmares (1)
Obsession (Protect the Weak) (2)
Clown (1)
Love (2)

Skills (40 +10 from Drawbacks +2 from Criminal):
Acrobatics 3, Art 3, Computers 3, Crime 4, Doctor 2, Driving 2, Getting Medieval 4, Gun Fu 4, Influence 2, Knowledge 4, Kung Fu 4, Languages 0, Mr. Fix-It 3, Notice 4, Occultism 2, Science 2, Sports 2, Wild Card (Movie Trivia) 4


Base Damage
Defensive Action
Big Pistol
Fire (see Slayers Handbook)


Jack was born into a relatively well-off family in Connecticut, and had a f airly typical childhood. When he was in High School, a next door neighbor, who took great pride in the upkeep of his lawn, had it destroyed by idiots doing doughnuts on i t.

Immediately after the neighbor got it replanted the idiots did it again, dr iving through his flower beds, crushing his hedges, and tearing everything u p. This second attack spurred a thought in Jack's mind. He approached his neig hbor, and said he'd "fix" the problem for a hundred dollars. The neighbor asked what he
had in mind, Jack told him, and the neighbor agreed.

When the lawn had been redone for a third time the vandals struck again, th is time however the lawn remained untouched, but their cars were destroyed. (Read "The Tomb" to find out how...) Jack was a hundred dollars richer and had found his calling in life.

Jack became a "Repairman" who would fix just about anything. Your landlord won't fix up the apartment building? Jack would convince him to. Your son is in too deep with a gang? Jack would persuade the gang to drop him. However Jack's life turned tragic, his mother was killed by a prankster that thought it would be fun too drop cinderblocks off a highway overpass into traffic. Ja ck kind of snapped at that point and after fixing the prankster, started get ting more involved with his work.

He has separated himself completely from the system, he has no real Social Security number, no real drivers license, uses only cash, and doesn't even use a last name. He is simply Repairman Jack, fixer of lives disrupted or damaged. Jack lives in Greenwich Village New York in an apartment rented under a fictitious name. He is a massive movie buff, and has a huge collection of vintage movie memorabilia. Jack has encountered the supernatural on several occasions and defeated it. He also has encountered (successfully) several conspiracies, extraterrestrials, and truly weird science. He also has been employed by various diplomats and other organizations to perform delicate jobs. Jack is completely his own man beholden to no one, he can afford to pick and choose his clients.

Quote: "I got no strings, no strings you see! I got no no strings on me."

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