Ultraviolet Team Member

By Dave Blewer

5pt Quality

Ultraviolet is a top secret government funded quasi-military organisation that operates within the United Kingdom. This small highly motivated group has dedicated itself to ending the vampire threat to the citizens of the UK. Ultraviolet teams teams appear to be part of the establishment - Ultraviolet teams can produce legit identification for any private and public organisation on record, such as the Complaints Investigation Bureau,
Military rank or even acredited members of the British Museum - depending on the needs of the investigation. However once the investigation is complete and a vampire or vampires have been identified, the creature is executed without a trial.

All members of Ultraviolet are chosen carefully. They have to have the combat and/or investigative skills necessary to face their undead opponents. Also, all Ultraviolet team members have lost loved ones to vampires. This tends to make them very dedicated and ruthless. It also makes them very distant to others outside the team, they are very aware that their enemies will try and get too them through friends and family.

Ultraviolet have had several confusing encounters with demons, witches and spirits; but tend to focus primarily on Vampires. They have also uncovered information that has led them to suspect that Vampires have made inroads into the British business and legal establishment.




This Quality is based upon the superb 1998 Channel 4 series Ultraviolet. Vampires are very different in the series to the Buffyverse vampires, and the organisation that hunts them is never named. Still, I thought it would be fun to import them into the Buffyverse as a British version of The Initiative

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