Vampire Hunter

By Gerry Saracco

5-Point Quality

A Vampire Hunter is someone who has dedicated themselves to hunting down vampires, and eradicating as many of them as possible. While the Slayer was the first human who fought the Vampires head on, she could only be in one place at a time. Inspired by her courage (and in many cases, her sacrifice), other humans took up the fight against the undead, even though they lacked the powers possessed by The Slayer. Organizing in Brotherhoods (many times supported by the various religions over the course of time), Vampire Hunters strive to take back the night from the Vampires. Vampire Hunters see Vampires as a plague, and attempt to be the vaccination against the outbreak. This quality represents organized training by one of the various brotherhoods of hunters; unless trained by such a brotherhood, individual hunters will not have this quality. Solo hunters tend to pick their abilities haphazardly without focused training. Vampire Hunters can be male or female. Vampire Hunters come from all walks of life, but the majority of them have one thing in common: Someone close to them was a victim of a vampire. Vampire Hunter can be stacked with the following Qualites: Cop/Ex-Cop, Criminal (many Vampire Hunters are night shift cops, and others deal with the criminal underground, as many vampires do), Jock and Nerd. It cannot be stacked with any of the others.

While many Vampire Hunters are aware of the existence of the supernatural, the majority of them focus their studies into the knowledge of vampires; how they are created, feeding and social habits, and the most important information: how to kill them. They hone their minds, researching vampires in depth, while developing their bodies as best they can to take the fight to these foul creatures of the night. As a result, Vampire Hunters gain the following benefits.

Vampire Hunters have the following drawbacks as part of this quality:

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