Werewolf Hunter

By Gerry Saracco

4-Point Quality

Much like the Vampire Hunter, a Werewolf Hunter specializes in hunting Werewolves. These daring men and women have chosen to hunt down werewolves. Werewolf Hunters have all had family or friends victimized by a Werewolf (and witnessed the attack); in some cases, they are survivors of Werewolf attacks themselves. Seeking retribution, they are recruited by the few groups who actively train to hunt such "creatures". Organized Werewolf Hunters form societies they call a Lodge; these lodges are smaller than their Vampire Hunter equivalents. This is mainly because Werewolf Hunters tend to consider their work more dangerous than those of Vampire Hunters (which Vampire Hunters would debate), and injuries sustained at the hands of werewolves tend to retire hunters quickly as they lose the stomach for the hunt. These lodges are also not as well organized as Vampire Hunters, and do not focus much on physical training (Werewolf Hunters have a tendency to use Guns over archaic weaponry due to the safety factor the range gives them over their foes). Werewolf Hunter can only stack with the following Qualities: Cop/Ex-Cop, Criminal, Jock, and Nerd. The rest are off limits (unless the Director rules otherwise)

Werewolf Hunters trained by one of the Hunting Lodges gain the following benefits:

Werewolf Hunters also have the following Drawbacks as part of this Quality:

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