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Experience cost for Gifts

Each Gift costs (2x the level of Gift) + The number of Gifts that you will have once this has been brought. The level of a Gift is displayed next to the Gifts Name.

You must have 4 gifts of a certain level (of either Breed, Auspice or Tribe) before you can buy Gifts of the next level. No more than one Gift may be purchased per session.

Inspiration (1)

Cost: 1 Rage      Shot: lots

Skill: None

The other Garou look to the Ahroun for leadership in combat, the Gift of Inspiration is one reason. The Garou with this Gift lends new resolve and righteous anger to his brethren. If used before a battle, the entire pack (other than the Ahroun that uses this Gift) gain a freebie Fortune point to be used in the coming scrap. Pack members can only be affected once before a battle. This Gift is taught by a Lion or Wolf Spirit.

Razor Claws (1)

Cost: 1 Rage      Shot: 3

Skill: None

The Garou may hone his claws to razor sharpness. The Garou scratches his claws over a hard surface such as stone, for the rest of the fight he gains +1 damage. A Cat or Wolf Spirit teaches this Gift.

Falling Touch (1)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 1

Skill: Gaia's Gift

This Gift allows a Garou to sends his foe sprawling with but a touch. The Garou attacks with Gaia's Gift, if successful the opponent is sent tumbling, and must spend 2 shots getting up or fight at -1 from being prone. This Gift is especially useful when fighting on roofs/ledges/cliff-tops/plane wings (you never know). An Aerial spirit teaches this Gift.

Sense Silver (2)

Cost: None      Shot: None

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Ahroun are the Garou least concerned by humans, but even the greatest can be brought low by silver weapons. Thus the Ahroun have learned to sense when they need to be worried. Whenever the Garou is in the presence of silver, The GM should roll his Gaia's Gift with a target number set by the Gauntlet. If successful, the Ahroun senses the silver, if there is an Outcome of 3 or more, he can pinpoint the silver's location. A Lune teaches this Gift.

Spirit of the Fray (2)

Cost: 1 Rage      Shot: None

Skill: None

The Ahroun may elect to go first in any given sequence, this is decided after Initiative is rolled but before the first attack is dealt with. The Ahroun gains 1 more than the highest Initiative as his score. If more than one Ahroun is in a battle it may start an escalating Initiative war, players can spend as much Rage as they want. A Cat Spirit teaches this Gift.

True Fear (2)

Cost: 1 Rage      Shot: 3

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Ahroun can display the true extent of his power, scaring one chosen foe into quiescence. The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift against the Willpower of the foe and the Outcome /3 are removed from his Initiative Score. A Fear Spirit teaches this Gift.

Heart of Fury (3)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 5

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou is able to tap in to the fury that Gaia feels at her rape by the minions of the Wyrm and is able to replenish his holy and righteous anger. The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift against the Gauntlet, if successful he replenishes his Rage points to full. A Spirit servant of Gaia teaches this Gift.

Silver Claws (3)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: None

Skill: None

The Garou can turn his claws to razor sharp silver. This does an extra +4 damage in combat, and the Garou gains 1 Rage point per Sequence due to the searing pain. The Gift costs a Gnosis point a sequence to maintain, furthermore the Garou suffers a -1 impairment to non combat actions while the silver claws are manifest. A Lune teaches this Gift.

Clenched Jaw (4)

Cost: 1 Rage      Shot: 4

Skill: Gaia's Gift.

The Garou's Jaw can become a grip of steel, clamping down on a foe and not releasing it until the Garou chooses. The Garou bites using his Gaia's Gift skill and locks his jaw. On each resulting action he does an extra 4 points of damage (not reduced by toughness). The individual bitten can attempt to break free by making a Strength roll with a target number of The Biter's Strength plus the total of the non-reduced damage. The unfortunate subject of this gift also suffers a -1 to his AV and all actions cost an extra shot to perform. A Wolf Spirit teaches this Gift.

Stoking Furies Furnace (4)

Cost: None      Shot: None

Skill: None

The Garou is especially connected to his inner fury. The Garou regains one Rage point for each five points of damage that he takes. A Wolverine Spirit teaches this Gift.

Kiss of Helios (5)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 2

Skill: None

The Garou becomes immune to the effects of fire, although napalm and gas fires can still harm him. Additionally, the Garou can ignite small parts of his body (this has no other effect than light his way and look cool... err... hot). The Garou is immune to the effects of fire and damage from gas fires or napalm attacks are halved (before Toughness). The effect lasts for one Fight, scene or whatever. Fire Elementals teach this Gift.


There are two Ahroun Gifts that I cannot convert to Feng Shui stats; Combat Healing; which is covered in my character Generation rules.  Strength of Will; I do not make much use of the Willpower stat and can see no use for this Gift that reflects its high rank (5).

If anyone has any suggestions please contact me.

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