Fist of the Wolf - Fianna Tribal Gifts

Experience cost for Gifts

Each Gift costs (2x the level of Gift) + The number of Gifts that you will have once this has been brought. The level of a Gift is displayed next to the Gifts Name.

You must have 4 gifts of a certain level (of either Breed, Auspice or Tribe) before you can buy Gifts of the next level. No more than one Gift may be purchased per session.

Persuasion (1)

Cost: None      Shot: None

Skill: None

The Garou can use the Spy Unique Schtick, once per session. An Ancestor spirit teaches this Gift.

Resist Toxin (1)

Cost: None      Shot: 0

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Fianna have long engaged themselves in the concoction of a variety recreational liquids, many of them distilled from deadly substances.  They very quickly learned how to adapt - in the interests of continued partying, of course.  With this Gift, the Garou takes no damage from poisons or diseases of any sort, and can heal many Wyrm toxins.  The Garou simply rolls his Gaia's Gift, with the Gauntlet as the difficulty, to shrug of the effects.  This Gift is taught by a Toad or Plant Spirit.

Faerie Light (1)

Cost: None      Shot: None

Skill: None

With this Gift a Fianna can create a wisp of ghostly light, usually white, green or faint blue in colour.  he can direct the glow to move, but the light isn't strong enough to illuminate more than three feet around the Garou.  Some Fianna like to use this Gift to make their eyes flash green or blue.  This Gift is taught by Marsh Spirits and Faeries.

Glib Tongue (2)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 3+

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou is mystically able to make whatever he says to be what the target wanted to hear.  Whatever the Garou says, even gibberish, will be heartily agreed with, although the Garou will not have a clue what the target thinks he is saying.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift with the targets Perception Stat as difficulty.  This Gift is taught by a Trickster Spirit.

Howl of the Banshee (2)

Cost: 1 Gnosis    Shot: 2

Skill: None

The Garou may emit a fearful howl that unnerves all in the vicinity.  All that hear the howl must make a Willpower roll with the target equally twice the Garou's Gnosis or be impaired at -2.  Friends of the Fianna only have to roll higher than the Fianna's straight Gnosis.  This Gift is taught by a Banshee, a woeful Spirit of the dead.

Brew (2)

Cost: 1 Gnosis     Shot: 1 Sequence

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou can take any liquid substance (about a pitcher full) and turn it into an alcoholic drink.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift against a target number equal to his Chi.  The Outcome is the number of "free" Chi points they have to spend on any Fu power in the Path of the Empty Bottle.  Once these points have been spent, the Garou feels horribly hung over and is impaired at Outcome/5 for a similar number of hours, the impairment decreases by one point per hour.  Others may drink this brew, but the impairment lasts for twice as long.  Resist Toxin is of no use here.  This Gift is taught by Spirits of Revelry.

Ceridwen's Blood (2)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 3

Skill: Gaia's Gift

Blood has a power within it.  With this Gift, a Fianna can tap the life force within her own blood to restore a fallen comrade. However, by doing so she must suffer the wounds, she heals.  The Garou spills her own blood on the wound (a small cut will do) and rolls her Gaia's Gift.  The roll is the damage healed.  1 Gnosis must be spent if the wound was aggravated, the Fianna takes this damage, but, this damage is non-aggravated and will soon regenerate.  This Gift is taught by Spirits allied to Stag.

Howl of the Unseen (2)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: None

Skill: None

The Fianna have strong ties to the Umbra.  A member of the tribe with this Gift may howl in the Umbra or the Realm, and have his kenning echo on the other side of the Gauntlet.  This Gift is taught by Animal Spirits that can be heard yet remain unseen, such as Frogs and Grasshoppers.

Luck of the Irish (2)

Cost: None      Shot: None

Skill: None

This Gift gives the Fianna a supernatural streak of luck.  Mundane effects include finding four leaf clovers, bills lying on the pavement, plump sleeping rabbits waiting to be caught for supper, and other fortunate coincidences.  The Garou is able to reverse the effects of a dice, much the same as the home brew Gambler Schtick.  This Gift is taught by the Fey.

Faerie Kin (3)

Cost: 1 Gnosis     Shot: 6

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou can call one or more faeries to aid him.  These Fey are not under his control , though they are favourably disposed towards him (except on a Botch, then the unseelie-or worse, Fomori Fey come-a-calling).  What they do is totally up to the GM.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift with a difficulty of 10 + the Gauntlet of the area.  The Outcome determines how many Fey answer the call.  This Gift is taught by a Faerie Lord.

Reshape object (3)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 6

Skill: None

The Garou can shape any once-living material (not undead) into a variety of objects - thus trees can become shelters, antlers become spears, animal hide becomes armour etc. The object in some way resembles the material it was made from. No die roll is needed, but it does cost 1 Gnosis point. The item lasts until the end of the session. A Weaver Spirit teaches this gift.

Ley Lines (3)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 3

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou can seal up his path behind him, preventing others from following him.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift with a difficulty of the pursuers Perception plus the areas Gauntlet.  If successful, pursuers and trackers will be unable to follow the Garou's trail - it will simply disappear.  If they are too close to the Garou, something will happen to lead them away; the surrounding perspective will change so that they will perceive the road as going to the left when it really goes straight ahead. A pursuer can outwit this Gift if he beats the Outcome of the Garou's roll on a Perception roll, this just means that he finds the Garou's tracks again, he still has to catch the werewolf.  This Gift is taught by a Trickster Spirit.

Woadling (3)

Cost: 1 Gnosis +      Shot: 1

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou has woad paintings over his skin similar to those worn by the ancient Celts and Picts.  These paintings are representations of fierce Spirits.  The Garou must be in Homid or Glabro form to use this Gift.  These spirits can be released from the body of the Garou, they leap and attack the enemy.  The woadling will harass the foe, twisting in the air about him.  The Garou rolls his gaia's Gift with the targets Willpower + the areas Gauntlet as difficulty.  The Outcome is the Impairment that the target suffers for that Sequence.  This Gift can be maintained at 1 Gnosis per sequence it is possible to have two or more woadlings harrying different foes, but no more than one can harry one individual.  An enemy can target a woadling although the Target number is the Impairment they are inflicting +5.  Woadlings have to be repainted after each use; this takes a Info/body painting skill at Diff 5.  This Gift is taught by an Ancestor Spirit.

Balors Gaze (4)

Cost: 1 Gnosis + 1 Rage (1 Gnosis a Sequence to maintain)  Shot: 4

Skill: Gaia's Gift

One of the Garou's eyes glows a baleful red.  Its stare is horrifying, causing wracking pain in any who meets its glare and who's resolve falters.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift roll when he first evokes this Gift and records the number.  If any individual even glances at him, they must roll their Willpower with the recorded number as their difficulty or loose the difference from their shots.  This Gift is taught by a Pain Spirit.

Phantasm (4)

Cost: 1 Gnosis +   Shot: 8

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou creates a static illusion with full visual, auditory and even tactile and olfactory components.  The Garou spends 1 Gnosis point for each ten foot area to be covered by the illusion and rolls his Gaia's Gift skill.  The result is the number that viewers of the illusion use as their difficulty to reveal the illusion as fake, with their Perception rolls.  This Gift is taught by Trickster or Illusion Spirits, or even by Faeries.

Faerie Blood (4)

Cost: 2 Gnosis     Shot: 1

Skill: None

The Garou can temporarily transform his blood into that of a Faerie.  This allows him an immunity to Silver, however, Cold Iron has a similar effect.  Additionally the Garou does not need to spend any Gnosis on any Gift or magic that requires the expenditure of one Gnosis point (although those with a cost of two or more require the full expenditure).  Also, he can walk into Arcadia from the Umbra without having to worry about guardians or time shift effects.  This Gift lasts for one scene or battle.  This Gift is taught by a Faerie Lord.

Troll's Bridge (4)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 9

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou can set up a temporary fortress.  Despite the name, it doesn't have to be near a bridge, it does have to be in a relatively enclosed area such as in a gully or a thick grove of trees.  Roll Gaia's Gift with the Gauntlet of the area as difficulty, The Outcome X5 is the number of Wound points that an individual must overcome to break through this mystical barrier, The Outcome is the Toughness of the barrier.  Enemies cannot gang up to break through, each individual must attempt separately, however, each individual who does break through lowers the total WP of the barrier by 5 for all others.  The effect lasts for a number of hours equal to the Outcome of the Gaia's Gift roll.  This Gift is taught by Spirits of Stubbornness or the Fey.

Warp Spasm (4)

Cost: 1 Gnosis     Shot: 2

Skill: None

Many tales of Cuchulain state he would glow in combat, radiating a great heat.  At the end of a battle, women would dump water over his body to cool him down.  This Gift causes the user to radiate a tremendous heat, igniting nearby flammable items and melting metal.  The Garou does an extra 4 points of damage and gains an extra 3 points of toughness when hit by metal weapons, such as swords, axes and bullets.  Additionally, all non Fetish or Signature weapons that hit him are destroyed.  This Gift lasts for a battle.  This Gift is taught by a Fianna Ancestor Spirit.

Call of the Hunt (5)

Cost: 1 Gnosis + multiple Gnosis and Rage points     Shot: see below

Skill: Gaia's Gift

This Gift may only be used once a month, and there must be an overwhelming evil in the area.  The Garou may call the Wild Hunt of Celtic mythology from the sky to harry and slay the evil.  The Garou must chant and concentrate for a full hour. Afterward he rolls his Gaia's Gift, the target number being 15+ the Gauntlet of the area.  The Huntsman himself and one hound are summoned; another hound will come for each extra Rage or Gnosis point expended.  If the roll to summon is botched, if the threat is not deemed appropriate for the summons, or if the Garou does not join in with the hunt, the Wild Hunt turns on the summoner.  This Gift is taught by the Huntsman himself.

Gift of the Spriggan (5)

Cost: 1 Gnosis     Shot: 4

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou can grow up to three times his normal size or shrink to the size of a small puppy.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift, using his present Body score as target.  Each point of Outcome increases his Body by +2, but reduces his Dodge by -1 (up to a maximum of three times the normal Body stat.  This Gift also increases the total Wound Points by 5 for each point of Outcome.  When smaller, the Garou retains his normal stats and abilities, but may sneak around unnoticed or pass as a "cute little doggie" among humans, this ability costs 1 Gnosis per Sequence to maintain.  This Gift is taught by a faerie or a Chimmerling.

Sleep of the Hero (6)

Cost: Unknown     Shot: Probably days

Skill: Higher than yours

This powerful Gift has been invoked many times in Fianna history.  When a great hero dies in battle, the Fianna take the body and dedicate it to the land .  This Gift forms a link between the Fianna, the land and the Spirit of the hero.  The champions life returns, but he remains in a deep sleep, not to awaken until the Apocalypse.  The Hero must be placed within the earth , such as a cave or burial mound.  During this sleep, the hero is unaffected by the elements, nor does he need to breathe.  This Gift is taught by a Fianna Ancestor Spirit.


Children of Dire

Song of the Dire (4)

Cost: None      Shot: None

Skill: None

The Garou can sing a battle howl to rouse his comrades when entering the fray.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift with the areas Gauntlet being the difficulty.  The Outcome is the number of extra dice that his comrades have to spend in battle (like Fortune Points).  The downside of this Gift is that the Child of Dire has to keep singing (-1 Impairment).  If he is wounded he has to make a Willpower roll with the damage inflicted as difficulty to keep howling.  The Garou can only use this Gift in Hispo form.  This Gift is taught by a Spirit of Anger.

Tuatha de Fionn

Sense the Unnatural (3)

Cost: None      Shot: 3

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou can sense any unnatural presence and determine its strength and type in the nearby area. The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift against a target number of (20 - the targets supernatural skill). Then he detects the reek of the unnatural on the target. This Gift is taught by any of Gaia's spirits.


Cairbre's Tongue (3)

Cost: None      Shot: None

Skill: None

This Gift was used by the ancient songmaster Galliard Cairbre to show his people the corruption of Breas the Beautiful.  By speaking out harshly against someone who is Wyrm tainted, the possessor of this Gift can make the Wyrm taint appear as blotches on his targets face, lowering his Charisma by 1 point.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift with the target number being 15- the targets Wyrm's Boon skill).  This Gift is taught by Fianna Ancestor Spirits.

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