Fist of the Wolf - Glass Jaw Mooks

Based on an original idea of John Harper's.  Thanks John, this came along at just the right moment

The traditional Feng Shui Mook does not fit in the World of Darkness, but I like the idea of our fearless Garou mowing down gobs of Fomori, in their desperate battles with the Wyrm.  Hell, in fact I intend to use this rule in my usual Feng Shui rules::

Mooks - Copyright  Ron RousselleAll mooks have a combat AV decided by the GM, this can be any number, even as high as 15 or 16 (although this should be rare, 10 or 13 should be the norm).  However the mook has a weakness - a glass jaw.  If the mook is hit, whatever the Outcome of the roll, he goes down, dead or unconscious the characters choice.

This makes mooks fairly dangerous, effectively able to hit a PC, but also flawed, they go down like a pole axed steer if hit. This will also lead to the PC's retreating from mooks, if enough of them attack, something that never happens in a traditional Feng Shui Game.

If  a Named Character uses a Fu or Tranimal Schtick that increases damage then this lowers the Outcome needed to hit them, by the amount that damage would have been increased (yes a signature weapon becomes a mook muncher).  If the schtick has a non damaging effect on combat, such as The Tiger's Bite then the Outcome needed to hit is reduced by 2.

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