Fist of the Wolf - Ragabash Gifts

Experience cost for Gifts

Each Gift costs (2x the level of Gift) + The number of Gifts that you will have once this has been brought. The level of a Gift is displayed next to the Gifts Name.

You must have 4 gifts of a certain level (of either Breed, Auspice or Tribe) before you can buy Gifts of the next level. No more than one Gift may be purchased per session.

Blur of the Milky Eye (1)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 2

Skill: Intrusion

The Garou's form becomes a shimmering blur, allowing him to pass unnoticed amongst others. The Garou gains an Intrusion skill of 15, or his present Intimidation skill is increased by one, if it is already 15 or higher for the rest of the sequence, it is possible to "hide in plain sight" with this Gift. If the Garou is spotted, however, the Gift is negated until the viewer has again been distracted. A Chameleon Spirit teaches this Gift.

Open Seal (1)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 3

Skill: Gaia's Gift

With this Gift the Garou can open any sort of closed or locked device. He rolls his Gaia's Gift skill against the Gauntlet of the area. A Racoon Spirit teaches this Gift.

Scent of Running Water (1)

Cost: None      Shot: None

Skill: None

The Garou can completely mask his scent, making himself virtually impossible to track. All those attempting to track him gain +4 on their difficulty. Those using Scent of Sight to find the Garou strike at -2. Fox Spirits teach this Gift.

Alter Scent (2)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 3

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou can change one scent into another (such as replace his scent with a badgers) or copy another scent. There is no roll needed to alter a scent to an animal's. However if you wish to copy the scent of someone known to you, roll Gaia's Gift against the Gnosis or Chi (whichever is higher) to succeed. The Outcome of the roll is the tracker's Target number. This Gift lasts until the Garou changes form or the session ends. Fox Spirits teach this Gift, and Scent of Running Water is a pre-requisite before this Gift may be learnt.

Blissful Ignorance (2)

Cost: None      Shot: 1

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou can become completely invisible to all senses, Spirits and monitoring devices by remaining still (this can be a sort of (in)active Dodge). The Garou rolls their Gaia's Gift and the Outcome is the Target Number for the viewer to detect them. A Chameleon Spirit teaches this Gift.

Sense of the Prey (2)

Cost: None      Shot: 3

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou, if he knows anything about his prey can track it down as quickly as he can walk. This unerring sense of direction operates anywhere and can be used to track spirits through the Umbra as well as find beings on the Earth. No roll is necessary, unless the target is actively hiding, in which case a Gaia's Gift roll is made with the targets Intrusion or Agility (whichever is higher) as Difficulty. This Gift is taught by a Wolf or Dog Spirit.

Taking the Forgotten (2)

Cost: None      Shot: None

Skill: Gaia's Gift

Not only is the Ragabash an accomplished thief, but those who they have stolen from often never realise they have been robbed. If the Garou succeeds in stealing something, his victim will forget he ever possessed the stolen item. The Garou must get an Outcome of 4 or more on a Gaia's Gift roll that uses the victims Willpower as a target number. A Mouse spirit teaches this Gift.

Fly Feet (3)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: None

Skill: Gaia's Gift

This allows the Garou to climb vertical surfaces as if he was an insect. Roll Gaia's Gift with a target number set by the GM, upside down movement adds 2 to that number (it is suggested that wood and rough stone has a target number of 8 and Glass and smooth marble 10). This Gift last's until the Garou changes form or the session ends. A Fly or Spider Spirit teaches this Gift.

Silence (3)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 1

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou can completely silence an area so that no sound can be heard whatsoever. Roll Gaia's Gift and the Outcome is the radius of Yards that are affected. A Snake Spirit teaches this Gift.

Tail of the Monkey (3)

Cost: None Shot: None

Skill: None

The Garou has a prehensile tail. This tail cannot perform fine manipulation tasks, but it can wrap itself around a tree branch allowing the Garou to hang from, and move through, the trees. The Garou gains a +1 on any Agility or athletic feat that the tail may aid him in. A Monkey Spirit teaches this Gift.

Gremlins (3)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 3

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou can cause a technological device to malfunction merely by touching it. Use of this Gift actually intimidates the spirit that inhabits the device and causes it to function. If the spirit can be sufficiently frighten the spirit it will flee the device causing it to malfunction permanently. The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift against the chart below, if he gets an Outcome of five or more then the device is permanently disabled. This Gift is taught by a Gremlin, a type of Wyld spirit that enjoys breaking things.











Open Moon Bridge (3)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 5

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou has the ability to open a Moon Bridge, with or without the permission of the Totem of that Caern. The Garou rolls Gaia's Gift against the Gauntlet of the Caern, if successful the Moon Bridge opens. A Lune teaches this Gift.

Luna's Blessing (4)

Cost: None      Shot: 3

Skill: Gaia's Gift

When the moon is visible in the night sky, silver refuses to cause the Garou aggravated (non- regenerating) wounds. Indeed if the moon waxes full, silver weapons may well turn on their wielder. The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift with the roll used to hit as the target number, if successful the damage is non-aggravated and can be regenerated as usual. On a full moon, the roll (successful or not) determines the Strength of attack that the weapon will launch on its wielder in a 3 shot attack that is launched next shot. Lunes teach this Gift.

Whelp Body (4)

Cost: 1 Gnosis (permanent)      Shot: 3

Skill: Gaia's Gift

With this Gift a Garou may deliver a devastating curse upon a foes body, causing it to weaken or palsy. Many consider the use of this Gift as a declaration of unending war. The Garou rolls to hit using his Gaia's Gift skill and if he hits, instead of damage permanently reduces his opponents physical stats by permanently reducing his Gnosis by one. A Pain or Disease Spirit teaches this Gift.

The Crawling Hand (4)

Cost: None      Shot: 4

Skill: None

The Garou can detach his hand, allowing it to perform tasks (such as untying his bonds). The Garou must concentrate for his hand to act, and it can perform fine manipulative acts at the owner's skill. The Hand has 15 WP's and a toughness of 3. It attacks at the owner's skill (-2), divide the owner Strength by Five (minimum 1) and add any damage bonuses for form. The hand does regenerate but if it misses its Death Check then it stops regenerating. The hand can fire a small pistol at -1 AV. If the hand is lost for any reason a new one has to be regenerated (takes 3 days). A Lizard Spirit teaches this Gift.

Fools Luck (4)

Cost: None      Shot: None

Skill: None

This Gift allows a Garou to spend Fortune Points after he has rolled his dice. He can continue to spend these points until he is either satisfied with the result or he runs out of Fortune Points. A Fox Spirit teaches this Gift.

Thieving Talons of the Magpie (5)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 3

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou can steal the powers of others and use them himself. These powers can be Garou Gifts, Spirit Charms, Vampiric Disciplines etc. The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift against a difficulty set by the skill that governs the Powers use. For each successive Sequence that the Garou wishes to use the power, he spends an additional Gnosis point. While the Garou has the power the victim cannot use it. A Magpie Spirit teaches this Gift.

Violation (5)

Cost: 2 Gnosis      Shot: 3

Skill: Gaia's Gift

Those few Garou privy to the secret of Violation well know the hate and revulsion of others. This power requires the Garou make physical contact with the target, but once this has happened, the victim is quickly overwhelmed by feelings of defilement. The Garou attempts to hit his opponent using Gaia's Gift for the attack, if he hits, the target is unable to spend Rage, Gnosis or Chi points for the number of sequences equal to the Outcome of the roll. The Garou must confront a malevolent Spirit in combat, within the Umbra. If he wins he may wrest the knowledge of the Gift from it.

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