Fist of the Wolf - Rites of Accord

Rites of Accord restore a place or particular Garou to harmony and balance with Gaia. These rites purify and renew by bringing the object of the rite through a symbolic rebirth from Gaia's womb. Any Garou attempting to perform a Rite of Accord must possess a talen, fetish, or some piece of Gaia never touched by a minion of the Wyrm or by human hands (for example, a willow branch from a remote forest or a stone from a protected caern). The ritemaster makes Gaia's Gift roll with a target number of 11, unless otherwise stated.

Rite of Cleansing

Level: One

Gnosis: 1 per every person or object to be cleansed

This rite purifies a person, place or object allowing it to be used without fear of contamination by the Wyrm. To perform this rite the Garou must inscribe a circle on the earth, walking widdershins (counterclockwise) around the afflicted person(s) or object(s) while holding a smoldering branch or torch. He must use a branch (preferably willow or birch) dipped in pure snow or water to asperge the person or object cleansed . As this is done all Garou present release an eerie, otherwordly howl in an attempt to "frighten away" and thus banish the corrupting influence. Ideally, this rite is performed at dawn, but it can be performed at any time. The Target number for this roll is equal to the Wyrm's Boon of the Spirit that inflicted the contagion. If the rite is performed at dawn, this target number is reduced by three. Note that this rite cannot heal wounds or damage caused by contamination; it only removes any existing contamination.

Rite of Contrition

Level: One

Gnosis: None

This rite is a form of apology; it is often used to prevent the enmity of Spirits or Garou whom an individual has annoyed, or to prevent war between Septs or Tribes. The rite most often involves the enactor dropping to his belly and sliding forward. The Garou may also whine and lick his paws and hands. If performed well, however, a simple inclination of the head may suffice. To enact this rite successfully, The Garou must either give a small gift to the offended individual or, in the case of a Spirit, posses some aspect of the spirit in question (for example, a clay falcon if the Garou is appealing to the Totem Spirit Falcon). The target number for the rite is equal to the "targets" Rage +5. Garou who refuse to recognise a Rite of Contrition are looked upon badly by elders, most spirits will also accept a well-performed rite. The effect lasts until the Garou performs an action that could harm or insult the other.

Rite of Renunciation

Level: Two

Gnosis: All

In this rare rite, a Garou rejects the auspice under which he was born and chooses a new auspice. The rite must be performed during the phase of the moon the Garou wishes to embrace. Water from a silver basin exposed to Luna's radiance is poured over the naked Garou, washing him clean of all he once was. He is now free to start anew as a member of his adopted auspice . Well, almost free - many Garou view such a "Shifting Moon" with suspicion. The Shadow Lords and Silver Fangs in particular see this rite as a grave insult to Luna and are loathe to trust those Garou who cannot bear the weight of their assigned burdens.

A Garou who changes Auspices must start anew. Although he make keep the Gifts that he has learnt, they do not count towards any further Gifts he may seek to learn. He may not seek to learn Gifts from his old auspice. The Garou must take a new name, and must never answer to the old one at a cost of one Gnosis each time he does.

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