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Experience cost for Gifts

Each Gift costs (2x the level of Gift) + The number of Gifts that you will have once this has been brought. The level of a Gift is displayed next to the Gifts Name.

You must have 4 gifts of a certain level (of either Breed, Auspice or Tribe) before you can buy Gifts of the next level. No more than one Gift may be purchased per session.

Balance (1)

Cost: None      Shot: None

Skill: None

The Garou is able to walk across any ledge, rope, etc., no matter how thin or slippery.  The Garou can fight on these surfaces at no penalty.  This Gift is taught by strange Wind Spirits known to the Stargazers.

Sense Wyrm (1)

Cost: None      Shot: 3

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou can sense manifestations of the Wyrm in the nearby area. This Gift involves a mystical sixth sense, not sight nor smell; although the Garou is likely to say, "This place stinks of the Wyrm". The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift against a target number of (20 - the tainted one's, Wyrm's Boon). Then he detects the stench of the Wyrm on the target. This Gift is taught by any of Gaia's spirits.

Inner Strength (2)

Cost: None      Shot: 5 Minutes

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou may, after brief meditation, convert his inner anger into iron resolve.  The Garou meditates for five minutes, and rolls his Gaia's Gift, with the Gauntlet as his difficulty.  The Outcome is the number of Rage Points that he can convert into Fortune Points, to be used for the purposes of combat, these last until the end of the session.  This Gift is taught by wise Stargazer Ancestor Spirits.

Surface Attunement (3)

Cost: None      Shot: 10

Skill: None

The Garou may attune himself to the surrounding environment, thereby gaining the ability to walk at normal speed across such surfaces as mud, water, snow and quicksand without falling through or leaving tracks.  The Garou can only attune himself to one environment at a time.  This Gift is taught by the Spirits of small animals (rabbits, mice, sparrows, etc.), animals usually overlooked by other Garou but honoured by the Stargazers.

Clarity (3)

Cost: 1 Gnosis     Shot: None

Skill: None

The Garou is able to see through fog, pitch darkness, and even recognise illusions or invisibility.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift, against the skill that generated the illusion or invisibility, such as Sorcery, to see through any natural hazard, no roll is needed, the Gift lasts until the Garou changes form.  This Gift is taught by Wind Spirits

Merciful Blow (3)

Cost: 1 Gnosis     Shot: 4

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou can subdue a foe in combat without hurting him.  The Garou attunes himself to the body of his opponent, and he hits his opponent, the opponent is paralysed for a number of shots equal to the damage, Gnosis is subtracted from this damage instead of Toughness.  This Gift is taught by a Mongoose Spirit.

Ultimate Argument of Logic (4)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 5

Skill: Gaia's Gift

Those who speak with the Garou are convinced of some fact that they might otherwise have disbelieved, This belief can be as ridiculous as the Garou wishes. The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift against the targets Willpower, trying to get an Outcome of 3 or more to be successful. The effect lasts for an hour or until the end of the session, whichever comes first. A Coyote Spirit teaches this Gift.

Preternatural Awareness (4)

Cost: 1 Gnosis     Shot: 1

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou attunes all his senses to his surroundings, thereby becoming preternaturally aware of her opponent's doings and allowing her to anticipate them somewhat.  The Garou rolls Gaia's Gift against the Gauntlet, for the rest of the Sequence opponents AV's are reduced by the Outcome of this roll.  This applies even if the Garou cannot see the attack coming.  This Gift is taught by Wind Spirits.

Questioning (4)

Cost: 1 Gnosis     Shot: 0

Skill: None

This Gift allows a Garou to doubt the very nature of reality - and thus ignore the the results of a single die roll.  This Gift is taught by a Spirit of Madness.  This can only be done once per session.

Circular Attack (5)

Cost: None     Shot: 1

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou can battle multiple opponents, not only avoiding their attacks but actually channeling them into other foes (or causing a foe to strike himself if the Garou is only fighting one foe).  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift and if it higher than the opponents roll to hit him, then he can channell that blow into another opponent, damage is worked from the Garou's die roll, if not successful then the attack hits.  This Gift is taught by a Wind Spirit.

Wisdom of the Seer (5)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 1 Hour

Skill: Gaia's Gift

By gazing into the night sky for an hour, the Garou can ask a question and have it answered.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift against the Difficulty of the Gauntlet.  If successful the Garou can have one question answered.  This Gift is taught by a Chimmerling.

Directing The Soul (5)

Cost: See below     Shot: 0

Skill: None

This Gift allows the Garou to expend either Rage or Gnosis, or even WP's (in blocks of 5) to gain a one time advantage of +3 AV on her opponent, for each Point spent.  This Gift is taught by Combat Spirits.



Whispering Wind (3)

Cost: None      Shot: None

Skill: None

Only Kalindo (a Garou Fu Path) practitioners are taught this Gift.  It can tell the user what his opponents next combat maneuver will be .  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift against the opponent's AV, success adds +3 to his defensive AV and +1 to his offensive AV against that opponent, as the Wind Spirits whisper his opponents attack plan to the opponent, this lasts for the rest of the Sequence.  A Kalindoist is immune to this Gift.  This Gift is taught by a Wind Spirit.

World Tree

Astral Mind (5)

Cost: ! Gnosis     Shot: 8

Skill: None

The Garou can project his consciousness from his body into the Umbra.  From there, his mind can enter realms denied physical beings, the details of this are best handled by the GM on a case by case basis.  While the Garou is astrally travelling, his body appears to fall into a coma.  This Gift is taught by strange Astral beings

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