Fist of the Wolf - Wendigo Tribal Gifts

Experience cost for Gifts

Each Gift costs (2x the level of Gift) + The number of Gifts that you will have once this has been brought. The level of a Gift is displayed next to the Gifts Name.

You must have 4 gifts of a certain level (of either Breed, Auspice or Tribe) before you can buy Gifts of the next level. No more than one Gift may be purchased per session.

Call of the Breeze (1)

Cost: None     Shot: 1

Skill: None

The Garou may summon a strong (20mph) chill breeze and direct it at whim.  The breeze will disperse clouds of vapours or insects, and will not chill anyone not prepared for the cold.  The Garou may call the breeze merely by whistling.  Anyone relying on hearing will suffer a -1 to Perception rolls.  This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of the Wendigo.

Camoflague (1)

Cost: None     Shot: 0

Skill: None

When in the wilderness, the Garou is extremely hard to see, for she can blend into the woods.  The Garou gains a +2 to his Intrusion skill, permanently.  This Gift is taught by a Deer Spirit.

Cutting Wind (2)

Cost: 1 Gnosis     Shot: 3

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou may summon a painfully bitter blast of wind, which he may direct at foes.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift against the targets AV.  The Base Damage of this wind is 5, but the damage ignores Toughness and armour.  Half the damage inflicted is also taken as impairment for the rest of the Sequence.  This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of the Wendigo.

Speak with the Wind Spirits (2)

Cost: 1 Gnosis     Shot: 2

Skill: None

The Garou can understand and speak with Wind Spirits.  In addition he can ask one question of the aerial spirits that ride the winds of the world (their attention span is too short for anything more).  The question must have something to do with the immediate area (they quickly forget what they see).  This Gift is, of course, taught by any aerial spirit.

Chill of the Early Frost (3)

Cost: 1 Gnosis     Shot: 1 hour

Skill: None

The Garou invokes the Spirits of Winter in a great ritual, summoning biting winds that whistle and shriek through the area.  The chill is as much mystical as it is physical, sent from the domain of the great Wendigo himself.  The Garou chants for an hour and then rolls his Gaia's Gift against a difficulty equal to the Gauntlet of an area plus a number decided by the GM (dependent on the time of year the Gift is being used).  Success drops the temperature in a 5-mile radius to below freezing (or even subzero if it was already winter).  Anyone without a natural fur coating (Humans, Vampires, most Fomori, Garou on Glabro or Homid form) suffers a  -2 impairment.  The effects last for the Outcome in hours.

Sky Running (3)

Cost: 1 Willpower     Shot: 8

Skill: None

The Garou gains the ability to run through the skies at 50mph.  The Garou must remain constantly in motion, or he falls.  The Garou leaves a track of fire through the sky as he runs.  This Gift lasts for four hours, this time may be extended by the expenditure of further Willpower points.  This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of the Wendigo.

Attunement (4)

Cost: 1 Gnosis      Shot: 5

Skill: Gaia's Gift

By standing in a particular area, the Garou can commune with the spirits of the area, thus getting an idea of what has happened, or what exists in the area - rough population, secret trails, places of note and so on.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift skill against the Gauntlet of the area.  This Gift can only be used in wilderness areas, .  This Gift is taught by a Owl Spirit.

Call The Cannibal Spirit (4)

Cost: 1 Gnosis (Permanent)    Shot: 1 Hour

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou must chant and dance for a full hour under the night sky to invoke this Gift .  If the Summons is successful, a Wendigo avatar will answer the summons.  The avatar will track down a victim of the Garou's choosing (the Garou must have an article or part of the victim) to eat his heart.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift against a difficulty equal to the Gauntlet of the area +3.  If the roll botches, or the Wendigo avatar is thwarted in its mission, it will return to kill the summoner.  This Gift is taught by a Spirit Servant of the Wendigo.

Counting Coup (4)

Cost: 1 Gnosis     Shot: 4

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou can gain Renown, simply by hitting their opponent.  The Garou attempts to his opponent in the normal manner with a melee weapon, if he hits, he spends a Gnosis but does no damage; roll damage as normal and if any does no get through the targets Toughness + armour, this Gift does not work.  The Garou must declare that he is pulling his blow and does no damage.  The Garou gains a Coup point that acts like a Fortune point and can be kept between sessions, this Gift cannot be used successfully on an opponent more than once a session.  This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of Wendigo

Invoke the Spirits of the Storm (5)

Cost: 1 Gnosis     Shot: 9

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou may summon just about any weather effects he desires: a blizzard, a monsoon, a tornado, a thunderstorm. a pea soup fog, whatever.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift skill against a target number decided by the GM, depending on the weather effect desired.  The weather effects  a 10-mile area per point of Outcome.  For a further additional Gnosis Point the Garou can call down a lightning bolt or tornado on his enemies for a Base Damage of 20.  This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of Wendigo.

Heart of Ice (5)

Cost: 1 Gnosis  (Permanent)   Shot: 6

Skill: None

The Garou must know the name of the being to be affected by this power, and must whisper it to the vengeful winds.  Subsequently, the victim's heart or other internal organs begin turning to ice, gripped by the curse of the Wendigo.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift with a difficulty equal to the targets Toughness.  The Outcome X5 is the number of Wound Points that the target takes in 5 point increments at the beginning of every Sequence.  Vampires affected by this power have their blood coagulate, if this causes them to make a Death Check, they enter torpor This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of Wendigo.



Curse of Aeolus (2)

Cost: None     Shot: 4

Skill: Gaia's Gift

The Garou summons an eerie, chilling fog to shroud the landscape, unnerving her enemies.  The Garou can see through the fog, but others will have trouble navigating the mists.  The Garou rolls Gaia's Gift against a variable difficulty (6 near the sea, 11 normally, 16 in a desert).  The Garou can see normally, but all others have an increased difficulty of 4 on their Perception rolls.  Additionally the mist is creepy and unnerving to enemies; -1 to their AV's.  A Spirit servant of Aeolus, a Totem Spirit teaches this Gift.

Ghost Dance

Harano (4)

Cost: 1Gnosis     Shot: 6

Skill: Gaia's Gift

This Gift allows a Wendigo Tribe member to force a state of Harano on an opponent with a single blow.  The Garou rolls his Gaia's Gift against the AV of his opponent, the Outcome of this roll is the number of sequences that the target is forbidden to use any Werewolf abilities.  This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of Wendigo.

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