Alternative Armour Rules

By Daniel Tunbridge

Although Feng Shui characters should usually be running around with only their vests, suits and cool for protection, I still think that there is a place for them occasionally donning armour for a particular scene. I'm thinking of the times in films & TV when cop characters find out where a suspect lives and go in with lots of backup and that groovy blue body armour. Also, many films start off with the hero in some form of imposing (and cool) armour which he later strips off when he gets to the big action.

When this happens it would be nice if the characters had access to armour which was not actively detrimental to their performance, hopefully someone, somewhere might find the following useful in some way. As a bonus, this armour is also fully compatible with your favourite brand of Mook.


All body armour is defined by two ratings:

The first defines the armour's Stopping Power. Any attack which does damage equal to or less than this number is automatically stopped if it hits the armour, for example if its Stopping Power is 10 then any attack whose basic damage is 10 or less will be stopped by the armour.

The second rating defines the armour's Coverage. This is penalty to the AVs of all attackers whose weapons would be stopped by the armour, they are in effect making called shots etc. against unprotected parts of the character.

E.g. Mook A is trying to shoot the feared Ninja jazzman Funky Cats Maybe with his Glock 17. Luckily the canny Cat is wearing a cool black bulletproof vest with the profile (10/2). As Mook A's peashooter only does 10 damage, he now needs a basic 16 to hit the Cat, instead of his usual 14, groovy.

Unfortunately Mook B is armed with an AK-47. With a damage rating of 13, this will penetrate straight through the struggling songster's armour and hit on the usual 14,bad scene man.


Limiting Armour Use

Armour Stats

Stopping Power
Concealed Vest
Bulletproof Vest
Only Works against Bullets
Security Armour
Doesn't work against tech items
Police Shell
Powered Armour
Increased Strength and wizzy built in devices

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