Feng Shui Firearms

By Mike Surbrook



The Graviton is a large (36.5cm / 14" long), heavy (3.8kg / 8.3lbs) handgun that fires a magnetically accelerated slug. It appears in the anime/manga series "Silent Mobius" where it is carried by members of the Attacked Mystification Police to dispatch monsters (the weapon is so powerful that the AMP is forbidden to use it on people). Although it's not exceedingly accurate, and only holds three rounds, it back a *massive* punch.

When fired, the Graviton's round detonates, producing what appears to be a miniature gravity well (ie., a really small black hole), this promptly sucks the target up (as well as some of the floor). If fired in high-powered mode, the blast is some 3-5 meters across. Basically, the Graviton should waste any unnamed anything it hits in a single shot. Abominations, cyborgs, demons, supernatural creatures, anything. Named characters take a whopping 25 points of damage.

You can only use Both Guns Blazing, Lightning Reload and Signature Weapon with the Graviton. [Editors note: Bloody Hell!]



This handgun is used by Leon McNichol in the anime series "Bubblegum Crisis" (specifically episode 6 "Red Eyes"). It is a massive revolver, firing 15mm slugs. It is a 'break-action' weapon, similar in design to a Webly revolver. It is a powerful pistol, having a STR rating of 10 (9 if used two-handed).


10/2/12 regular 13/2/6 creature

This pistol resembles a revolver, although the cylinder doesn't rotate and the weapon is reloaded by placing a new energy clip under the barrel. It appears in the anime/manga series "Silent Mobius" where it is the standard sidearm of the Attacked Mystification Police. It is an energy weapon, that has two settings (basic and creature) and that the creature settings consumes shots at twice the rate of the basic setting.


13**/6/100 Underslung grenade launcher: 20 (at point of impact)/6/6

This autorifle is based on the weapon that appeared in "Aliens". It fires a 10mm caseless explosive tipped slug, a 'standard light armor-piercing round'. It has been pointed out that it really couldn't have 100 rounds in it's magazine, but this is Feng Shui,so who cares? The underslung grenade launcher has 6 rounds and uses standard Feng Shui explosion rules.



Taken from the anime "Bubblegum Crisis", as well as the anime/manga series "AD Police", this autorifle is obviously based on the M41-A. As with the M-41A, it uses a 10mm round, so this weapon's ammo capacity is suspect. It drops the grenade launcher for a cool laser sight, but keeps the pump action. Why? I don't know. Several scenes seem to indicate that it can be used like a pump shotgun, but it also fires on full auto... Maybe one has to use the pump to jack a new round into the chamber? Kind Game Masters will let someone get an extra point of damage ala shotguns.


15**/forget it/20

The Masiya Corporation SB-1000 appears in the anime "Sol Bianca". This is a *huge* rifle, something like 6+ feet long! The comment is made that it can hit a coin 30 kilometers away, and later the gun is used to snipe from orbit (I kid you not). When using this rifle, the firer doesn't have to worry about range modifiers, the only problem is, their defensive AV is effectively 0. Note: the name 'SB-1000' is made up, they only refer to Masiya Corporation as the maker in the anime.


1 cm Pistol 13*/2/10 All powerguns have +8 AV, only to counteract Range Modifiers

1cm SMG 14*/4/40 Autofire capable

2cm Rifle 15**/6/20 Autofire capable

Powerguns appear in David Drake's "Hammer's Slammers". It uses a matter to energy conversion principal (read the book for the scientific mumbo-jumbo) to produce bolts of plasma. The bolts have excellent penetrating ability, but do not impart a lot of kinetic impact, and are true line-of-sight weapons. If a powergun malfunctions, this means that the spent 'rounds (plastic chips) have cooled and harden on the ejection port, preventing further use (at least until the stuff can be chipped away). The weapons also have a problem with barrel degradation, and the barrels have to be replaced periodically. Note that the beams discharge their energy on the first thing they hit, and do not continue on through. Thus they tend to blowup the first thing they hit. A gunfight in a tree is going to destroy a lot of leaves and branches, but the shots will not continue on to hit their target. The number of shots is arbitrary, I don't remember Drake stating any figures.

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