Bag Full of Guns

By David Reuhl


S&W Safety Hammerless 8/1/5

A tiny little .38 revolver, notable for having a completely enclosed hammer and an effective grip safety. This makes it easy to draw it from a pocket without snagging or to fire it from inside said pocket with no chance of it jamming.

Stechkin 10/2/20+1

A brutal looking 9mm Makarov machine pistol, favored by ex-Soviet special forces types. John Travolta waved one around in "Face Off".


M2 Carbine 10/4/30+1

Fairly obsolete, this fully automatic version of the .30 M1 carbine was used quite extensively by US supplied Asian armies due to its small size and light recoil.

M4 Carbine 13*/4/30+1

The shortened version of the M16, with a telescoping stock and large flash suppressor. This is gaining favor among special forces and SWAT types as with the growing effectiveness of body armor the old 9mm submachinegun just doesn't get the job done like it used to.

Winchester 1894 Carbine 13**/5/6+1

The archtypical lever action .30-30 rifle. It takes 6 shots to reload like a shotgun so it isn't as popular with combat types, but it's just the thing if a demon invades your local S-Mart.

AKSU-74 13*/3/30+1

Laughably called a submachinegun, this is like a baby version of the AK-74 with a folding stock yet it still fires the full 5.45 round. It's almost uncontrollable in full auto and rather inaccurate due to its short barrel, but it's liked by movie directors because of its huge muzzle flash. James Bond found the only Soviet soldier carrying one to steal it in "Goldeneye".

Sniper Rifles

Dragunov SVD 13**/6/10+1

Like a stretched version of an AK-47, the Dragunov is a very accurate and hard hitting 7.62mm rifle. It was cool enough for Chow Yun-Fat in "The Killer" so it should be cool enough for characters.

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