Bag Full of Guns II

By David Reuhl


Ruger "Hush Puppy" 8/1/10+1

Basically a Ruger Mark II .22 autoloader with a suppressor built into the barrel. Rather wimpy, but it is completely flashless and the only noise it makes is the click of the bolt when it fires so it has its uses. Called the Hush Puppy as it was used to shoot sentry dogs (and even sentry geese) in Vietnam.

Webly Fosberry 10/2/6

A wacky no longer made .455 revolver. The British answer to the German Mauser and Luger autoloaders the Fosberry is a semi automatic revolver. The frame slides back to rotate the cylinder and cock the hammer each time it's fired, No, really. Mentioned as the weapon that did in Bogey's partner in The Maltese Falcon.

S&W M10 Police 9/2/6

The archtypical .38 police revolver. Millions have been issued to police departments all over the world, including Hong Kong.

S&W M29 Combat Magnum 11/3/6

The first production .44 magnum revolver. Dirty Harry made it famous.

Casull .454 12/3/5

The most powerful production handgun made, the Casull is a five shot revolver designed for hunting big game in Africa. For those times when size does matter. It's the huge revolver James Caan gets in the movie Alien

Beretta 93R 10/2/15+1 or 10/3/20+1

A machine pistol version of the Beretta 92 with a small folding grip in front of the trigger guard and a stubby vented compensator on the muzzle. John Travolta had one of these in Broken Arrow.

AMT Hardballer Longslide 10/2/7+1

A longer barreled chrome and stainless steel version of the .45 Colt Government model. Add a laser sight and you've got what Arnold had in The Terminator.

Heckler & Koch Mark 23 10/2/12+1

Called the SOCOM (Special Operations COMmand), this blocky ploymer frame .45 autoloader is very popular with special operations units. It's been built for very accurate fire and has built in groves for laser sights and a
threaded barrel for suppressors. For those who like high tech military hardware as well as fine German craftsmanship.


Winchester 1887 13/5/7

Out of the Old West this is a lever action 12 guage shotgun. For those wanting to KA-CHINK with a little more style. Arnold used a sawed off one of these in T2.


AC-556 13*/5/30

A military selective fire version of Ruger's Mini-14 5.56mm. hunting rifle. The A-Team started using these with chrome actions and barrels.

M16SP 13*/3/30

A truly compact version of the M16 designed for use with special forces. It has a collapsable stock and only an 8" barrel! With a huge muzzle flash and very loud report this is not a weapon for the subtle, but it does the job on body armored targets 9mm submachineguns can't.

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