She's Gonna Blow!

By Eric Bailey

Inspired by the extra-point of damage rule for acting (and sounding) out the cocking of a shotgun, the "She's Gonna Blow!" rule works to instead subtract damage. Characters who fail their dodges and are caught in the blast radius of an explosion can elect to physically act out the throwing of their characters out of harm's way.

Subtract a point of damage if the player does something convincing (ex: twisting away from you while covering their eyes/face). Subtract two points if the player goes all out (ex: shouting something dramatic in "slo-mo" speak while lunging from the gaming table with arms outstretched). It's fair game for the GM to act out his named characters doing the same, but mooks always shoot out helter-skelter from explosions like candlepins on league night.

This rule is especially entertaining if multiple players are caught in the same blast.

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