Transformed Boa Constrictor

The Lodge use these as lone assassins, they do not work well with others.

Stat Modifiers Bod +4, Mov -1, Per +1, Ref -1


Chi: 8         Shot: 3

You can make yourself invisible to others by hiding behind the most inadequate of cover. Make a Martial Arts check with the Perception of the target character as the Difficulty; if successful, the target simply cannot see you. If you are anything other than perfectly still while lurking, the GM adds at least 2 to the Difficulty of the check; the exact penalty depends on how much you are moving. For each extra Schtick you spend on this ability, you may affect an additional target. When used against multiple opponents, use the highest Perception as the Difficulty . Once you make the lurk check, you may continue lurking for as long as desired. You only need to make another check if you move, if you want to affect an additional target, or until someone you can't target enters the area and spots you (in which case failure is automatic). You can strike your target with a +1 to your AV for each Sequence that you have remained hidden (max, +4)


Chi: 3         Shot: 4

Grab hold of your target and wrap your limbs around him in a fashion that allows you to slowly squeeze the life out of him. Make a normal Martial Arts attack on your opponent and if successful you have pinned your opponent every you can either make use the Swallow schtick on him, crush him or keep him pinned. To crush you roll your Strength against his and he takes the difference as damage (Toughness does not reduce this). Your victim may attempt to break your hold by rolling his Strength with a Difficulty equal to your Strength plus the Crush Damage that you have inflicted.

Shed Skin

Chi: Special     Shot: Special

You may abandon your old human form, in favour of a completely new human appearance of your choice. You may never return to your former appearance. Doing so costs 8 Chi points; these points do not return until 12 hours have elapsed. The transformation itself takes 1 hour; no residue (scales, flesh, etc.) is left behind. If you spend an additional schtick on this ability, you can recreate the appearance of specific people, you have studied carefully for at least a week immediately prior to your use of the schtick; this means that even with 2 shticks spent you still can't go back to your old form.


Chi: 4             Shots: 3

You can consume the Chi of victims that you have pinned using the Crush Schtick. Make a Martial Arts strike against your victim (who cannot Dodge) and if successfully remove one Chi or Fu point (whichever is higher) from him for your own use. This Chi point is temporary and once spent is gone forever, however the victim does not regain that Chi point for 24 Hours, if an extra Schtick is spent on this ability the victim does not regain the lost Chi for a whole week. For a Third Schtick Every Chi point lost also causes de-Attunement to one Feng Shui site.

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