Brain Eaters

By Thunk

"Bzzz ! Clic ! Shluuurp..."

Brain Eater - Copyright Daniel GelonUnnamed annoying critters

These are 60cm long insects captured in the swamps of Australia, with polyceramic jaws and a poisoned sting.

Attributes:  Bod 4  Chi 0 (Mag 6)   Mnd 4   Ref 8

Skills : Martial Arts 8, Creature Powers 7

Creature Schticks : Flight/6M

Abysmal Spines x2/Damage +4

Unique Schtick : Paralysing Poison/Make a Con check versus the Wound Points you suffered from the sting or stay paralysed for a number of shots equal to the negative outcome, while the little bastard is eating your brains.

Damage : Bite (9), Sting (9)

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