Multi Use Bubble Projector

By Thunk

This looks like a heavy plastic belt loaded with 5 aircar batteries, cables and a control pad. Each battery generates one charge. It produces a grey force field that protects the wearer from high velocity projectiles and energy attacks. When attacked, the wearer must make a Fix-It or Jammertech roll and beat the attacker's action result. If he succeeds, the attack is stopped. A charge can be used to expand the bubble and sustain oneself one feet above the ground (or water or lava..). The user can move up to four times his Fix-It/Jammertech AV in one sequence.  A charge can also be used to warp the bubble and form a straight appendage that can hit someone up to ten meters away. Only one attack can be made by charge. It takes 3 shots and does 12 damage. Once used, the batteries melt and cannot be recharged. The Dump Warrior has to replace them. A fumble or snake eyes means a dramatic malfunction.

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