Fists of Corruption

This group is a Ninja Ryu, which worship a demonic entity, The Mother of Corruption. Although, the Mother can manifest herself in Her followers (Creature Shticks), She can not appear on the Earth until the items that led to Her downfall in the ancient past are sacrificed in a special ceremony, in their hidden temple. These items are;

  1. The Sword that slew Her Earthly body - Heavens Barb.
  2. The Shield that protected Her slayer from Her withering attacks - Heavens Breath
  3. The blood of her slayer - Cheng De-shi (a man of virtue)

The Fists have an unholy scripture known as the Prophecies of the Worm that predict "The Mother of Corruption will be summoned in the final days before The Auspicious Year of the Dragon, and cities will fall and Blood will flow like a River".

The Scholars of the Brotherhood (scholarly, slavering, zealous, demon tainted minions of darkness) have read this too mean in the last few years before the New Millennium.  The Brotherhood already has recovered Heavens Breath from the tomb of one of Saladin's Knights.

The location of Heavens Barb - does one of your characters have a signature sword - yes - There you go then. If not, wait, be patient, wave a way cool sword in your martial artist/old master/ninjas face, it'll happen.

Cheng De-shi slew The Mother of Corruption in 64 AD, and finally died in 81 AD. Fortunately for him, The Fists of corruption have not discovered the Netherworld yet, but in the pursuit of your heroes and Heavens Barb, they will not stay ignorant for long.

A final note

The Prophesy states that they need Cheng's blood, but not how much, will the blood on the blade of a weapon be sufficient, imagine the slapstick battle as the Dragons attempt to stop Cheng from even taking a scratch by interposing themselves between Cheng and the Fists weapons.

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