Cyborg Brain

  Monster Hunter - Copyright Anson MaddocksThe Buro have a mind boggling vast amount of information stored in their databanks, and the Cyborg Brain is able to tap into this stored data.  The host  of a Cyborg Brain must undergo extensive dangerous surgery, that involves  implanting demonic brain tissue and other organs, that have been subjected to  high end arcanowaves, to the tissue of the recipients cerebral stem and  cerebellum.  This enlarges the subjects brain to such an extent that his skull  has to be replaced, in places, by an ARB casing, this sometimes visibly throbs  and glows a sickly green colour, and has even been known to ooze a slimy  blue puss at moments of stress.

The Benefits

The host of the Cyborg Brain is able to use schticks that they do not actually posses, as the arcanowave device downloads the relevant information and knowledge for each schtick into the brain of the host.  The Architects have managed to divide the abilities of all those things that we call "Schticks" into two categories; Material Reliant and Knowledge Reliant..

With Materialistic schticks you need "stuff" like Arcanowave devices, signature weapons and a demonic body to hang all those cool creature powers.

Knowledge schticks, do not need tools, these include Fu powers, Gun + Weapon Schticks (apart from Signature Weapon, and Lightning reload).

An Architect operative fitted with a Cyborg Brain can then divide up her further Arcanowave slots for Cyborg Brain schticks. These she divides up between the Knowledge types. So A Cyborg to spend his points for instance a Cyborg Archetype could divide his schticks up thus:

Robot Arm -  Copyright Brian Snoddy

With these cyborg slots he can delve into the massive databanks that his brain contains and download ANY Schtick (in the relevant category) for his use. To do this he rolls his Arcanowave Device with the target number being the amount of impairment he is suffering at that moment, this takes 1 shot, and lasts until the slot is changed. On a WAF he blows a few hundred neurons, and suffers a cerebral hemaeorage, hence the blue puss (10 damage).

The Downside

Mutation points, every use of this skill adds one Mutation point.  In the case of Fu powers two Mutation points are accrued, the arcanowave soaked cyborg brain seems to have great difficulty containing the mystical knowledge of Fu powers.

Sorcery Powers and Transformed Animal Powers are beyond the understanding of the Arcanowave Cyborg brains.

Experience point costs for the Cyborg Brain Schticks are brought at the cost of the category they represent.

Cyborgs and the Cyborg Brain

For some reason that eludes the Architect scientists, possibly something to with the saturation of low end arcanowave thatCHAR - Copyright Richard Kane Ferguson Cyborgs undergo during their creation, Cyborgs seem to have a greater resistance to the mutation side effect when fitted with this Arcano device, hence its name.

They only start acquiring Mutation points after they have used the slots a number of times equal to their Arcanowave device skill in a session with a couple of caveats;

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