Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

The Early 1800's saw a great upsurge in interest in spiritualism and magick. Usually this just meant debauchery and orgy, but occasionally the would-be sorcerers tapped into something truly powerful and were able to summon something dangerous. As in the Spring-Heeled Jack incident.

The Ascended's reality police were sorely pressed, it seemed that these mystic groups, circles and cabals were springing up all over the place and time consuming investigation invariably uncovered drunken children of ranking members of the Order of the Wheel, who had trouble raising themselves out of bed in the morning, let alone raising up spirits of eldritch dread. It was also justifiably feared all this confusion was allowing legitimate trouble makers, agents of the deposed Four Monarchs specifically, to slip through the net and secrete themselves somewhere in the juncture. Something had to be done.

Sir William Dawson, an hereditary peer, major contractor to the Royal Navy and some-time sharpened shell for the Tortoise Family had a potential answer. He instigated and financed (from well behind the scenes), yet another magical secret Society, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The Order, with its rituals, conspiracy theories and lore steeped in Arthurian and Celtic mythology soon became very popular. Although its members paid lip service to its secret nature it soon became very well known in the right circles and many other mystic groups tried to foster relations with its members. Pretty soon it became fashionable to be a member. Dawson is more than happy to let the Pledged dupe McGregor Mathers take the credit of founding of the society, and serve as a target should the true purpose of the Order become discovered.

Sir Dawson is able to keep track of sorcerer wannabe's through the organisation of the Golden Dawn and if necessary guide members towards rituals and spells that are doomed to failure. Eventually it is hoped that this singular lack of success will lead the pursuit of magic to be unfashionable and unpopular. Of course, if an individual who has true sorcerous talent is unwise or unlucky enough to join Golden Dawn, or one of its affiliate groups, then Sir Dawson is more than happy to deal with them personally.

Sir William Dawson, Shadowy controller of the Golden Dawn and Transformed Tortoise

Attributes: Bod 5 (Con 9, Tough 9, Mov 4), Chi 7 (For2), Mnd 5 (Int 7), Ref 4

Skills: Guns 13, Info/Phoney Mysticism 10, Info/Business 11, Martial Arts 14 (Wise Fist 17)

Schticks: Rebuke x2, Reflect, Shell, Wise Fistx3

Weapons: Sword Cane (9), Wise Fist (8), Punch (6), Kick (7)

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