The Demolisher

By Dave Blewer

Attributes: Bod 13 (Tgh 13), Chi 0, Mnd 5, Ref 5

Skills: Driving 13, Fix-it 13, Guns 14, Intimidation 15, Martial Arts 13, Sabotage 14

Stat Schticks: Shattering Blow, Tougher than Leather, Ich Bin Ein Bruiser

Creature Powers: Damage Immunity (Poisons, Suffocation), Inevitable

Gun Schticks: Carnival of Carnage 4, Eagle Eye 3, Fast Draw, Hair Trigger Neck hairs 2, Signature Weapon

Unique Schtick: Temporal Transporter/For some reason The Demolisher is unable to enter the Netherworld, the portals just do not exist for it. It's creators have fitted it with a temporal transporter, a device that can send
it to any of the known junctures. Unfortunately it arrives without any clothes or weapons and must equip itself when it arrives. The Temporal Transporter is powered by a nuclear fuel cell that is depleted by a single use.

Schtick descriptions:
Inevitable comeback - When the Demolisher returns from Death his flesh sheaf has been completely destroyed revealing his robotic real self.

Carnival of Carnage, Eagle Eye, Fast Draw and Hair Trigger Neck Hairs: These Schticks are made possible by the Demolishers tactical battle computer which constantly analyses the battlefield and provides the best solutions to situations.

Signature Weapon: The Demolisher's tactical computer analyses, and adapts to, the first gun that it comes into contact with. This becomes his favoured weapon for that mission.

The Demolisher is the creation of a Jammer husband and wife team, known as Cameron and Hurd. These two operate out of the ruins of Acapulco, where they have fought many running battles with Buro troops. The two are famous (amongst Jammers) for constructing "toasters", as they refer to their battle bots. They freely admit that The Demolisher is their most potent creation.

The Demolisher follows it's programming to the letter. Generally it is given a target, A potent Feng Shui site in an earlier juncture it then transports through time to a location near the target and proceeds to demolish that
site. Once this has been successful it tracks down any blueprints of the site and destroys them, often leading to firefights in libraries and private homes. Once it's mission is completed it travels to a predetermined spot to
await a Jammer team that replaces it's fuel cell.

These fuel cells are extremely costly and difficult to produce, and two are used on each mission, hence The Demolisher is deployed sparingly. So far, it has not been given assassination missions, Cameron and Hurd doubt that even their greatest creation would have the ability to take out any of the major players in the secret war. If any of the Dragons become a serious thorn within the Jammers side, however, this policy may change.

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