Ecto Bullets

By Carl Craimer

The party line is that these are ordinary handgun bullets imbued with ectoplasmic energy. In fact, a tiny demon is imprisoned in each bullet, and released to die explosively when the bullet hits. The explosion looks like a ghostly cloud of green or gray vapor, and punches big holes in the mystic image of things. Inanimate targets are not hurt more than usual.

This is hard as hell to make (literally), which explains why there are so few Ecto Bullets going around. The Buro can only equip certain high threat units with them. A GM can introduce some in his campaign (often as a one-off for a demon hunt), but a character with the shtick must have some explanation for how he finds/makes the bullets. Creating a batch of six Ecto Bullets costs one Mutation point

Ecto bullets can be fired from normal guns using the Guns skill, and give a mutation point each. An abomination that uses Ecto Bullets instead loses a Magic point for each bullet fired. They are not connected to an AI/O port. Any target damaged by an Ecto Bullet loses a Magic point, in addition to normal damage. An Ecto Bullet that hits an Abomination or Supernatural Creature gets to do damage compared the the Magic of the target, rather than Toughness, and it is torn, has body parts displaced, turns inside out, and otherwise does very gory things to the target.

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