Suffer the Hells of Electrocution!

By Rupert Smith

there are, as has already been discussed, many hells in the Underworld. What's less well known is that more are being invented all the time. The Yama Kings like to keep up with the times, at least as far as suffering is concerned. one recent invention is the hell of electrocution.

Electrocuted zombies

These are clearly Dr.Who monsters, courtesy of the BBC special effects department. they are shambling silvery bodies wrapped around with multicoloured electrical cables. they're always accompanied by electrical sparks.

Attributes:  Bod 5 (Mov 3), Mnd 1, Chi 0 (Mag 8), Ref 4

Skills: Creature Powers 9, Info/Shambling after PC's 12, Martial Arts 6

Schticks: Armour/For mooks, increases outcome needed to take down by one.

Blast/Electricity, range touch, 10 damage

Tentacles/Cables lash out and grapple people. the cables do damage as per blast, above. If they hit with an outcome of 2 or better, they grapple the victim makes a successful strength check. Grappled victims suffer -2 impairment from the electricity coursing through them. They also take damage automatically every three shots, with the outcome being a single positive open die. Unlike standard tentacles, these are not defensive (ie you can hit the zombie perfectly well), and the zombie can keep growing them irrespective of how many times they're severed (something that takes 10 wounds for named zombies, or an outcome of 2 for mooks), although they only attack one person at a time.

Damage immunity/Lightning/electricity, well, d'uh.

Corruption(special) /If someone is "killed" by being grappled, they're not dead, but cables crawl over them for a sequence (with lots of zappy special effects), and then they come back (on full health) as a zombie. Named characters become named zombies, mooks become mooks. They gain the above schticks (and following limitations) which they use at their highest combat AV, and their move goes down by two. Oh yes, and the GM controls them. if they are defeated using their limitations (below) you get the person back, although on death's door from electrocution burns.

Limitations: Livewire/Cannot exist more than 1km from an electricity supply. in the event of a power cut, they fall lifeless to the ground (but get up if the power is restored before all the cables are removed).

Weakness: Water/Can be shortcircuited by water. you need at least a bucketful (or a hosepipe) to have enough water to be effective. Treat a bucket like a shotgun, a hosepipe like an smg, and a fire hose like a hellharrower :). Rain does damage each shot, ignoring toughness and armour, from 3 (drizzle) to 12 (monsoon).

Demon of Electroctuion

Appears as a blue glowing intangible cloud filled with sparks, about 6' across. they're all named. They possess electrical equipment; visually, imagine your mouse trying to strangle you and ribbon cables shooting out of the disk drives to grab, electrocute, and turn you into a zombie :)

Attributes: Bod 0 (Mov 6), Chi 0 (Mag 8), Mnd 7, Ref 7

Skills: Creature powers 13

Schticks: Damage Immunity/Anything physical.

Possession/Can possess and animate electrical equipment (not arcanoware). Animated equipment gains all the schticks and limitations of a zombie (above). Will typically have between 10 and 20 wound points, depending on size. Damage to the computer doesn't apply to the demon, nor does the demon's immunities apply to the computer.

Limitations: Livewire/As above, although they go back to the netherworld for the foreseeable.

Weakness: Water/As above.

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