Path of The Devil Hunter

By Gerry Saracco

Inspired by concepts in Demon Hunter X, a hunters supplement for White Wolf's World of Darkness.

The Path of the Devil Hunter is a path of Fu powers used by martial artists trained in combatting magical forces. Sorcerors & supernatural creatures [including abombinations] are the opponents the path was designed to fight.

The path was first developed by The Shih, a group of martial artists who culled the ranks of the supernatural, dealing justice to those that went beyond the natural order. The Shih were more prominent in AD 69, but have become fewer in 1850, and even fewer in the contemporary juncture. No one knows if any exist in 2056.

Thousand Fists---Spear Hand---Burning Ghosts---Steel Body---Thousand Swords

Thousand Fists

Chi Cost: X     Shot Cost: 3

Strike an opponent with multiple punches so fast, your hands blur in the air. X is any amount of Chi you elect to spend. Each point of Chi spent adds 1 to the damage outcome upon a successful hit.

Prerequisite: None     Path: Spear Hand

Spear Hand

Chis Cost: 2     Shot Cost: 3

Focus your Chi around your hand. Your Chi will ripple in the air, burning intensely. Upon a successful hit, your opponent can only use *half* their toughness against the damage outcome. This reduction does not affect man-made body armor, but does affect the Creature Power Armor, and the Arcanowave Device Reinforcer.

Prerequisite: Thousand Fists     Path: Burning Ghosts

Burning Ghosts:

Chi Cost: 3     Shot Cost: 3

Focus your Chi, wrapping it around your body, which faintly glows a golden light. For the remainder of the sequence, you can use any martial arts attack against supernatural creatures [and others] using the Creature Power Insubstantial.

Prerequisite: Spear Hand     Path: Steel Body

Steel Body

Chi Cost: 5     Shot Cost: 0

Focus your Chi, permeating your body with it. Ever muscle in your body tautens, and your body becomes more resilient. For the remainder of the sequence, add 2 to your toughness, and you inflict +3 to damage in hand to hand combat.

Prerequisite: Burning Ghosts     Path: Thousand Swords

Thousand Swords

Chi Cost: 6     Shot Cost: 3

Concentrate your Chi, then lash out against an opponent in a flurry of action. Each strike opens wounds on your opponent, and the sound of the impacts is like that of metal striking metal. Upon a successful hit, add 4 to the damage outcome. The opponent is also unable to actively dodge this attack. Once the combat is over, the user must make a con check [use the death check chart], with the difficulty being 12. If they fail the check, they pass out from the exertion. If they pass, they need to rest for at least 3 hours, or they will pass out from continued exertions.

Prerequisite: Steel Body     Path: None

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