Path Of The Thunder Weapons

By Thunk

Gale of Gunpowder----Guide the Bullet----Cold Steel Bites----Hot Lead Burns----Dance of                                                                                                                                    Thunder and                                                                                                                                   Lightning

Gale of Gunpowder

Chi Cost: 1     Shot Cost: 0

Shoot the floor and setting to distract an opponent attacking you. His attack suffers a -2 modifier. This is not considered a defensive action. You can active dodge while using this fu.

Prerequisite: None     Path: Guide the Bullet

Guide the Bullet

Chi Cost: 1     Shot Cost: 3

Use a gun to shoot an opponent within 5m with your Martial Arts AV. He suffers the base damage rating of your gun.

Prerequisite Gale of Gunpowder    Path: Cold Steel Bites

Cold Steel Bites

Chi Cost: 2    Shot Cost: 1

Pistol whip an opponent with a Martial Arts check. Damage is Strength +1.

Prerequisite Guide the Bullet    Path: Hot Lead Burns

Hot Lead Burns

Chi Cost: 3     Shot Cost: 3

Hit someone with the barrel of your gun and shoot point blank, using your Martial Arts AV. Damage is the gun's normal base damage +3.

Prerequisite: Cold Steel Bites    Path: Dance of Lightning and Thunder

Dance of Lightning and Thunder

Chi Cost: X    Shot Cost: 5

Engage in a savage kata while wielding any gun. You can shoot X opponents within 10m using your Martial arts AV at no penalty for each of them. Each opponent you manage to hit takes the base damage of the gun.

Prerequisite: Hot Lead Burns    Path: None

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