The Path of Inner Power

By Gerry Saracco

Inspired by concepts in Demon Hunter X, a hunters supplement for White Wolf's World of Darkness.

The path of Inner Power is another path developed by The Shih. This path works under the premise of focusing the user's Chi to enhance certain physical characteristics. At the highest level, the path allows multiple enhancements, but the user's body becomes exhausted once the power has been used. This path has helped many a monster hunter go toe to toe with physically superior creatures, and survive.

Steel Skin---Dragon's Speed---Tiger's Strength---Celestial Eyes---Body of the Dragon

Steel Skin

Chi Cost: 3     Shot Cost: 0

Focus your Chi, permeating it through your body. For the remainder of the sequence, add 2 to your toughness.

Prerequisite: None     Path: Dragon's Speed

Dragon's Speed

Chi Cost: 3     Shot Cost: 0

By focusing your Chi, the user can increase their speed. For the remainder of the sequence, add 2 to your agility. This can be used prior to an initiative check, and will add 2 to the user's initiative for that sequence.

Prerequisite: Steel Skin     Path: Tiger's Strength

Tiger's Strength

Chi Cost: 3     Shot Cost: 0

Focus your Chi, causing the muscles in your body to become taut.  For the remainder of the sequence, add 3 to your Strength.

Prerequisite: Dragon's Speed     Path: Celestial Eyes

Celestial Eyes

Chi Cost: X     Shot Cost: 0

Spend Chi in X amount. This allows the user to nullify the negtive modifiers for the Fu Power Gathering the Darkness, with X subtracted from the difficulty the user of that power added. It also allows the user to spot those using the creature power Blindspot; subtract X from the Creature Power AV of the being using Blindspot to determine the difficulty.

Prerequisite: Tiger's Strength     Path: Body of the Dragon

Body of the Dragon

Chi Cost: X     Shot Cost: 1

Focus your Chi, permeating your body with it. For each point of Chi you spend, you may add 1 to any attribute for the remainder of the sequence. Once the sequence is over, the user *must* rest for several hours. If they try to do any activity other than walk a few yards, they will simply pass out from the strain.  Note: This effectively removes the user from any combat that lasts more than one sequence, so this ability should be used sparingly!

Prerequisite: Celestial Eyes     Path: None

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