Gangsta Style, Pistol Packin'

This isn't seen in many Hong Kong movies.

In many films the protagonists seem to use their handguns Gangsta style (tipping the firearm ninety degrees, laying it on its side), why do they do this? Because it looks cool, and things that look cool in the movies should also give them a benefit in Feng Shui.

As in the KA-CHINK rule for shotguns. Players that want to use their pistols Gangsta style may do so, and also gain a +1 to damage in the process, however the Player must mimic the action of firing the gun. If they do not do so, then the GM may deduct the extra Damage point. As a further bonus using a pistol Gangsta style while attempting to intimidate mooks gains a +1 to the Intimidation score. Pistols fired in this fashion cannot be aimed or perform Called Shots.

If a character chooses to use Both Guns Blazing Gangsta Style, he looses the Gangsta style benefits, he no longer looks cool, just stupid :-)


The Intimidation bonus should only work on mooks that would be impressed with such a style. I can't see it working in Kowloon, but in The Bronx, it might work a treat. In fact if the mooks are worldly enough and have the right background (i.e. Pledged Mafia goons) it might mean a -1 to an Intimidation roll.

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