Ghostbusters Setting

By SgTomServo

Ghostbusters Archetype


Ghost Buster

"Sometimes shit happens, someone has to deal with it, and who ya gonna call?"
"Back off man, I'm a scientist."
"When someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES!"

Growing up, you were always facinated with ghosts, ghouls, and things that went bump in the night. Now, after god knows how many years of college, you've figured out how to put your facination to good use. You and your
colleagues have figured out how to trap, contain, and store ghosts, demons, and other supernatural entities as well as make a decent living off or it. Heck, you've even got your own theme song out of it.

Juncture: Current

Attributes: Bod 5
Chi 0(For 1)
Mnd 5
Ref 5
Add 3 to one primary skill, 2 to another, & 1 to a third

Skills:Driving +3 (8) (Max 10)
Ghostbusting +10 (=15)
Fix-It +4(9)
Guns or Martial arts +6 (11) (Max 13)
Info/Occult +10 (=15)
Info/Nuclear Science +10 (=15)
Add 3 skill bonuses

Weapons: 1 gun of appropriate juncture, or an additional Ghostbusting schtick

Schticks: 1 Gun Schtick(can be used with Proton Pack schtick)
2 Ghostbusting Schticks

Ghostbusting Schticks(Having a device as a schtick means you can use that device, just like Arcanowave)
Proton Pack
Ghost Trap
Ecto Goggles
Slime Thrower
Psycho Kinetic Energy Meter(P.K.E. Meter)

Ghost Busting Schticks

Proton Packs:

Uses Ghostbusting skill for attacks. count as shotguns (kinda). +1 AV is added when, once per scene, before any attack with the proton pack is made, if you make the sound of a proton pack activating (anyone that remembers the cartoon series knows what I'm talking about). Proton packs do no damage against ghosts, supernatural creatures, and do 1/2 damage to abominations, but they work as a Chi blast (base damage 15) against the living and an Explosion blast (whatever it hits, blows up). When an attack is successful against a ghost, supernatural creature, or abomination, the target can make no other actions except to break free of the particle beam (1 shot action, creature power or arcanowave vs. attackers ghostbusting) and for each shot the target is in the beam, their creature power/arcanowave reduces by 1 until they're released, at which time their respective ability gets +1 per shot until they're at full. The effects of proton beams are cumulitive. So, if both you and your buddy focus your particle beams on that demon, he'll get -2 to his creature power.

Slime Throwers:

Use flamethrower rules for the initial strike. Rather than incendiary gel - you're just using "mood slime".

Mood Slime:

"Mood Slime" is a psychoreactive gel capable of storing psychic energy and imposing that energy (through contact) on targeted beings. Mood Slime may be "positively" or "negatively" charged, and the effects will vary when the slime is targeted on non-supernatural creatures.

On non-supernatural Creatures, the Slime has a mood-altering effect. Targets must make a MIND check at a penalty equivalent to the "charge" of the mood slime (explained below), or face mood swings appropriate to
the slime type ("happy" slime, "angry" slime, etc...).

On supernatural creatures, the mood slime creates a destructive interference that will drive out possessing spirits, muck with arcanowave, and generally play heck with supernatural fuction (I believe this is how the GBusters drove Vigo out of his host...). Unlike the proton pack, which is a capture device, the mood slime throwers impose a negative penalty equal to the "charge" of the mood slime on ALL supernatural skill checks when an appropriate creature is hit. Depending on how much slime is used (or how powerful the slime is) -
this can severely incapacitate even the most ornery of ghosts!

Charging Mood Slime: Mood slime can be charged to a rating of 1 at the cost of 1 Chi point for 1 dose of slime. A rating of 2 can be had for 1 doses at the cost of 2 Chi OR, 2 doses may be charged to a 1 rating. This charging can be done in various ways, as long as:

1) You have the Chi coming from SOMEWHERE.
2) You charge the slime with a specific emotion of some kind.
3) You entertain your GM and the other players

Think about the dancing toaster, or the Motown playing over big loudspeakers through the Statue of Liberty... :)

Changing mood slime tanks is a fairly major undertaking, and should take something resembling 9 shots assuming you don't need to remove the whole harness (IE, a buddy swaps your tanks). A tank may be as big as you can con your GM into, but probably enough for 20 doses

Ghost Traps:

When a ghost/creature/abomination is trapped in a particle beam, another character can attempt to use a ghost trap (use ghostbusting, Diff 8). If a target is not caught in a particle beam, a trap can still be used (ghostbusting vs. creature power/arcanowave).Traps have the same effect on AV as Proton Packs.It's possible to escape from a trap, but the difficulty = 20 vs. combined arcanowave/creature AVs of all trap inhabitants . A trap can hold any number of ghosts/whatever until the combined AV of all the contents = 30. If the combined AV goes above this, the trap violently breaks open, unleashing all its inhabitants. If 2 ghosts/whatever are put in
the same trap, in the same shot, they are combined into one being, using the best abilities and all the schticks of both.

Ecto Goggles:

Work like infared goggles, only instead of heat, they see chi (so, theoretically, a strong martial artist would look like a ghost)

P.K.E. Meter:

A device for locating and identifying supernatural entities. While anyone can look at a P.K.E. Meter and tell that the shadowy mass in front of them is a Class 1 by looking at the display, only people with a Ghostbusting skill knows what this means. What DOES it mean? A class 1 is an entity with a 1 chi rating, class 2 = chi 2, and so on. A P.K.E. Meter can also read the level of ambient P.K.E.(or how strong the chi in the area is).

The Containment Unit:

Is really a portal into a micro-dimension of infinite size. Traps are loaded into the containment unit, and the ghosts are transported into the micro-dimension. Being inside the micro-dimension has the same effect as being in a trap, or in a particle beam. If for whatever reason the containment unit is shut down, or loses power, the portal opens and all imprisoned ghosts can escape.

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