The Glove of Minnegon

By Thunk

This powerful artifact was forged by father Theodore of Welsham, a renegade 14th century monk who worshiped Minnegon, the Demon Lord of the Four Charring Thunderbolts. It looks like a medieval plate armor gauntlet, with claw-like fingers. A dozen articulated hooks around the end of the gauntlet will pierce the flesh of anyone wearing it, preventing any attempt at removal.

Once you choose to use the Glove of Minnegon, you wear it forever. The user can call lightning bolts upon his ennemies by asking the Glove to destroy them. Lightning falls from the sky and passes through the user, then it is cast by the glove towards the target. The owner gains the Blast (Lighnting) Sorcery Schtick at an AV equal to his Info/Occultism AV (or any relevant skill, including Sorcery).

Naturally, the user's passive dodge is raised to this new level as well. Base damage is 14. The user has a weak point. If the Glove is forcedly removed from him, the power of Minnegon will burn him to ashes. If the user is in a place where lightning can't reach him (deep underground, for instance) he can manifest another natural force such as lava, chasms, etc with a base damage of only 10, because Minnegon isn't as powerful with 'lesser' elements. The Glove will always choose lightning if possible.

Editors Note: This Item is based on an artefact from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". With a little bit of tweaking it would be really simple to make this an artefact for the King of the Thunder Pagoda.

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