Grey Monks

By Gerry Saracco

"Foul Aberration! Your existence corrupts the world around you. It is time you left this world, so that the natural order may be restored"

In 1850, at least one Shih was recruited into the Guiding Hand, and shared his knowledge with Quan Lo. This Shih had become jaded towards his original teaching, and felt that all magic use should be obliterated. Quan Lo had this Shih found the Grey Monks, shaolin monks whose sole purpose was to hunt down and destroy the supernatural whenever they are found it.

These monks are taught the special arts of the Shih, and learn to fight the supernatural using their Chi. They are not taught the magical aspects of Shih training, since Quan Lo frowns upon the use of magic. However, the Grey Monks have developed abilities that do mimic some of the Shih's sorcerous power.

Attributes: Bod 5 (6), Chi 2 (6), Mnd 5, Ref 6 (7)

Note: All attributes in () are for named Grey Monks only


Deceit 10 (12)

Guns 10 (12)

Info/Neo-Confucianism 12

Info/Occult 10 (12)

Martial Arts 10 (14)

Medicine 8 (12)

Note: All skills in () are for named Grey Monks only

Fu Schticks:  Path of the Devil Hunter: Thousand Fists (X/3)/Strike an opponent with multiple punches so fast, your hands blur in the air. X is any amount of Chi you elect to spend. Each point of Chi spent adds 1 to the damage outcome upon a successful hit.

Spear Hand (2/3)/Focus your Chi around your hand. Your Chi will ripple in the air, burning intensely. Upon a successful hit, your opponent can only use *half* their toughness against the damage outcome. This reduction does not affect man-made body armor, but does affect the Creature Power Armor, and the Arcanowave Device Reinforcer.

Path of Devil Judgement: Prone Stance (1/1)/This ability allows the user to fight while prone without any negative modifiers to their AV. Anyone else attempting to fight while prone suffer a -2 to their AV. This ability allows the user to continue fighting, without the need to spend time getting to their feet after being knocked down.

Snout Strike (2/3)/This power allows the user to land a short, vicious jab to the snout region of mammalian creatures [and sorcerors]. This strike to the ganglia causes intense pain in the creature. At the users option, he can blind the creature for a number of shots equal to the outcome instead of doing damage.

[Only named Grey Monks have Fu Schticks]

Unique Scthick: Grey Monks have highly tuned their senses towards the supernatural. This allows them to mimic the Divination special Effect Revelation, with a +2 bonus to their AV when doing so. This ability also allows them to see the true forms of transformed animals.

Weapons: Any martial arts weapon. Some Grey Monks are trained in the use of the Bow or other archaic missle weapons. They do not use guns.

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