.32 Caliber Excalibur

By Anthony Botz

The Jammer techies are always coming up with new tools for their combat crazed warriors to use to slice, dice and detonate Buro lackeys. The saber pistol is the final culmination of a string of projects to combine a sword with a more ballistic weapon.It started with the C4 Cutlass; the early tests of this device ended...well messy is the most descriptive word that I'm allowed to publish. After scraping test subjects off the walls they moved on to the Bastard Sword Bazooka...again they got out the squeegees. Next came the Katana Cannon, which turned out to be a tad unwieldy, but at least the cleaning supplies got a day off. Finally realizing that the standard bigger is better attitude wasn't going to fly on this one combined a .32 caliber revolver with a large flat single edged blade. When used correctly one can strike an opponent at close range with the sword and fire the revolver with assured accuracy. Unfortunately being a large sword with a pistol grip it's a bit difficult to swing, plus the trigger tends to get in the way.

To hit someone with the sword make a Martial Arts check against their dodge AV. You receive a -1 difficulty modifier to your attack roll. The damage rating for the weapon is STR +4. When you make a successful attack you may make a Guns Skill Task check at a difficulty of 10, if successful you add 10 to the damage of your attack.

You may also use the weapon from a distance. You make a Guns check against your targets dodge AV. You receive a -2 difficulty modifier to your attack roll. Damage rating for the weapon is 10.

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