"Gutsy" Mary

Attributes: Bod 6, Chi 0 (Mag 7), Mnd 7 (Cha 8), Ref 8

Skills: Creature Powers 14, Info/Singing 11, Seduction 15, Sorcery 13

Sorcery Shticks: Fertility, Healing

Creature Powers: Insubstantial/Roll your Creature Powers, total is the number of centimetres that you can pass through a solid substance a sequence. Mary cannot pass through gold, worked Iron, blood, plastic, and water.

Flight/You can fly 6M per Sequence

Blast/Conjured Weapons, your entrails rip out of her stomach and whip across the exposed flesh of her targets, leaving acid burns.

Weapons: Blast (9), Punch (7), Kick (9)

Sample Dialogue: "There, there don't you worry, Mary is here now"

Distinguishing Marks: Beautiful young woman who wears a full bodice dress popular at the turn of the century. This dress is often streaked with mud and soot. Sometimes her eyes look extremely sad as if remembering long ago pain.

History: As Jack the Ripper completed his ritual that punched a temporary portal through into the Netherworld, the sorcerous power swirled around the corpse of his last victim Mary Kelly. Her newly formed and confused ghost was pulled through the gateway along with her killer...

The Secret War has left a lot of orphans in the Netherworld. The Dispossessed and the Timeless are often bystander victims of the many battles that rip through the caverns of the Netherworld. Sometimes they are killed for trying to defend their homes and families, sometimes they die for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The children of these victims often group together for protection and become near feral bands, roaming the caverns, causing mayhem . There are even rumours of cannibal tribes of children who, sick of the bland taste of shaped food, are "adding a little meat to their diet".

In the nebulous world of alliance and battle that is the Netherworld, only one person seems to care about these children, a Wraith known to all, as Gutsy Mary. Mary has gathered as many of these children as she can in an area of the Netherworld that she calls The Schoolhouse.

Here she and a small band of Dispossessed teachers and professors try to teach children the skills that they will need to survive in the Netherworld. The dispossessed are proud of their school and many veteran cynical warriors will rush to its aid if it is ever threatened.

Mary has recently heard rumours of a killer stalking the Netherworld who is very familiar to her. Jack the Ripper has finally resurfaced, and Mary wants revenge. It looks like she is going to have to learn some lessons of her own, and not the sort she would ever teach her children...

Note: At first glance, Mary's inability to pass insubstantial through water seems insignificant, however nothing could be further from the truth. She is unable to pass through or over water, ice or even steam, period, this could cause horrendous problems. I suggest that a Blast special effects that incorporate these effects cause an extra two points of damage. Rainstorms are one of Mary's great fears, she takes ten damage every shot until she reaches shelter.

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