Hell Bike

By Rupert Smith

If H.R.Giger had drawn the bike scene in Akira, this would have been Kaneda's ride.  

This motorbike looks like a grotesquely distorted racing bike, with ribcage-like engine, chitinous farings, pulsating muscle-like hydraulics, skeletal forks and clawlike hubs. Fronting it all is the headlight, a single, eerily glowing, baleful eye.   Worse than the appearance, perhaps, is the sound. The bike doesn't sound like a bike: it sounds like an animal. When the engine growls it really does growl, when the throttle is gunned, it roars like some demonic lion, and when it's driven at speed, the scream of the engine drags its claws down your spine. Gunning the engine and/or having the bike in its true form is often enough to scare off particularly cowardly mooks.

The bike is driven with your Arcanowave skill, and can only be driven if you're plugged in. There is the semblance of controls, but they don't work (except as noted in "bike schticks"). When you're plugged in you can see what the bike sees, which is just as well as the headlight doesn't actually shed much light.

The bike itself has a pep of +3, and a wreck of 2.


In a combat situation, receive one MuP per sequence, as with any arcanowave device. Outside combat, receive one MuP for each activation of a bike schtick, and for each hour during which you're plugged in.  (this means that you could do a solid stint of driving without being turned into Bob the mutant)

Bike schticks.

For your initial arcanowave schtick your Hellbike gets three bike schticks. You can buy more bike schticks on a one for one basis with arcanowave schticks.


Arcanowave Difficulty

street furniture, pedestrians


brick wall, roadblock, corrugated iron sheeting.


concrete wall, average car, container


the side of a bus, a train carriage, a bunker


Quick Schtick Pick: Shockwave, Transformation I, Faithful Friend.

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