The Helltrack

By Brian Thorpe

The Helltrack resembles an old WW II German Halftrack. It is made almost completely of ARB and is roughly 20 feet long and 12 feet wide. It is mostly white and grey with mottled patches of red and black giving it a sinister hue. The front end appears to be a large elongated demonic animal skull. the tires are made completely out of ARB with studs for traction. The treads are comprised of a series of femur-shaped ARB attached side to side. Along the sides of the back there are large skulls with eyesockets that can be used as
gun ports for passengers in the rear. Along the back there is a rollcage comprised of vertebrae shaped ARB chunks. interspersed throughout the rollcage and the front driver's section are blood-red pulsing orbs. These
are the transmitter nodes for the Death Field. Also mounted on the forward part of the rollcage is the experimental Banshee sonic concussive force gun and its AI/O port next to it.

The Helltrack has a wreck of 50 and a pep of -2. It is piloted using the arcanowave skill through its AI/O port located in the driver's area. The large skull eye sockets in the front can emit an eerie red glow for seeing at night providing the driver with the effects of a Wave Scanner.

The Helltrack also has a very powerful device called the Death Field. This device also gives the Helltrack its colorful nickname: The Abominamobile, as its pretty much only usable by abominations. While in operation, the Death Field causes 2 mutation points per sequence on all passengers. While in use, all ranged attacks that affect the Helltrack or its passengers are deflected.

The last interesting piece of equipment on the Helltrack is the experimental Banshee sonic concussive force gun. approximately 4 feet long it is mostly metallic with ARB bones along the gun. A spine runs along the top of the barrel, with jutting ribs along the gun, ending in a skull with its mouth open, appearing to be screaming, on the muzzle. The trigger is a finger bone and there is a large bony scope with a nasty eye on the end. while plugged into the gun's AI/O port the user can see through the eye, which can magnify at will. The Banshee gun is incapable of operating when unnattached to the Helltrack. When fired the Banshee gun produces a number of effects:

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