Kowloon House of Books

This site is a second hand book shop that can be found in a dark and dirty side street in Kowloon. The House of Books prides itself on keeping almost every copy of book that its customers needs, and does a roaring trade in the mail order market.

The building itself is a large three stores building with cramped living quarters on the third floor. The first and second floor are filled with rows and stacks of books in a chaotic mess that is somehow very pleasing to the bibliophiles' eye.

The previous owner of the House of Books was recently killed by a gang of hoods who then forcibly evicted his niece, Shih Yet Kwai (beautiful as a rose), they then shut the place down.  She went to the police but was scared off by a suspicious looking man, who didn't introduce himself and asked some strange questions about the shop, she doesn't even think that he is a policeman.

Shih Yet Kwai is at a loss of what to do..............

This Feng Shui site is of particular interest to the Eaters of the Lotus, (the origin of the hoods), who have very little knowledge of the Contemporary Juncture, a site such as this would help their efforts here considerably. Also, unfortunately Shih Yet Kwai has also alerted the Ascended to her plight..........


Apart from the usual benefits of a Feng Shui site, Kowloons House of Books also seems to have a book on any subject the reader may wish. In Game Terms if a character wants to know something that may be contained in a book, then he may make a Chi roll (Diff : 10) to find that info. Spending a Fortune point forgoes the need to roll the dice.

Of course, if the Gm doesn't want you to know something, there is no way your gonna find it in a book, you'll just have to beat the info out of someone :-)

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