Force Ichor

By Thunk

"Hurt me more !"

Unnamed low-cost abominations

They are a result of Dr Samira Twana early experiments that would lead to the birth of the CHAR. They make excellent suicide troops albeit sometimes a bit difficult to control. They are humans infused with demonic ichor to turn them into senseless soldiers. They grow a dark carapace, inhuman features, huge veins pulsing with pressurized black blood. Their mad eyes glow with a hellish red fire. The ichor in their system is very painful to them, and the more injured they are, the less blood pressure and pain there is. Once they endure their first wound, they attack relentlessly in the hope of being more hurt and eventuelly freed from their life of pain.

Attributes:  Bod 7  Chi 0 (Mag 5)   Mnd 3   Ref 7

Skills : Arcanowave Device 9, Intrusion 8

Schticks : Helix Seeker, Armor 2, Burning blood

Damage : Helix Seeker : HellBee (12)/Claw (10)

Special : Their Armor power gives them a +2 to Dodge

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