Inner City Hero

By Kevin Treadway

"Don't mess with me, man! I'm one bad mother-[censored]!"

It's been years since you've seen the old neighborhood. Maybe you were in the army, or perhaps you've been seeing the world, but regardless, now you're back--and things look bad.

There are gangs running wild, hollow-eyed addicts standing in ragged queues before opulant drug dealers, >pimps, name it. A place that was once respectable and united has decended into lawlessness. Decent people can't even go out at night.

The police don't care; they've written off the streets and homes you know so well. Now it's the gangs that enforce the "law"--thinly veiled protection rackets that extort hard-earned money from the honest populice. It seems no one cares. Well, that's not true. -You- care.

So take it back. It doesn't matter if there's a hundred of them and one of you, because justice stands firmly on your side. And if that doesn't convince the scum, then maybe your .357 "persuader" will. It's a war out there, and your crusade won't end until the neighborhood is restored to its former glory. Some people have called you a ruthless vigilantee due to your harsh methods, but the people you're helping know better; they call you "hero".

And the secret war? All those factions fighting it out for history? Well, those are just the same old thugs with fancier tactics--and you'll make them just as sorry they stepped foot into your community.

Juncture: Any

Attributes: Bod 6, Chi 1, Mnd 5 (Cha=8), Ref 5

Add 3 points to your attributes. Add 2 points to one secondary attribute.


Intimidation +5 (13)

Guns +8 (=13)

Martial Arts +4 (=9)

Leadership +3 (11)

Info/Neighborhood +5 (10)

Add 3 skill bonuses. Swap the skill bonuses and AVs of Guns and Martial Arts if desired.

Schticks: 1 Gun Schtick, 1 Fu Schtick

Unique Schticks:

1) You are a folk hero in your community. While in "the neighborhood", you will have no trouble getting food, sanctuary, or medical aid. The residents in the area won't fight for you, but they'll provide vital support to your efforts.

2) You incur no penalty when fighting two unnamed characters at once. If you attack three, you only incur a -2 to your actions; four goons, -3, etc. Note: regular stunts still incur the regular penalties.

Weapons: 2 weapons of the appropriate juncture

Quick Schtick Pick

weapons: (69) sword, nunchakus (1850) cap and ball pistol, blackjack (contemporary) Colt King Cobra, truncheon (2056) Buro 9, truncheon

Gun Schtick: Hair-Trigger Neck Hairs

Fu Schtick: Claw of the Tiger

Wealth level: working stiff

Commentary: The "location based" theme of the Inner-City Hero could cause problems in a Feng Shui setting. However, the GM has several options to deal with them. He/She might set an initial campaign on the ICH's turf, or have a location (possibly a Feng Shui site) in the neighborhood be a base of operations. Finally, the ICH could simply choose to leave the neighborhood to track down a threat "at its lair". If a GM doesn't wish to bother with these issues, then he/she could simply outlaw this character type. .

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