Dr Henry Simms a.k.a. Jack the Ripper

Attributes: Bod 6, Chi 0 (For 4, Mag 3), Mnd 8 (Cha 9), Ref 7

Skills: Arcanowave Device 10, Deceit 14, Driving 8, Martial Arts 12, Info/Victorian London Geography 14, Info/Netherworld Geography 11, Info/Secret War 8, Intrusion 14, Medicine 15, Sorcery 8

Weapon Shticks: Weapon Master/+2 Damage with scalpels and knives. Razor Edge Senses (X2)/+4 to Your Perception rolls, in some situations you can add the Outcome of the roll to your Martial Arts roll.

Vital Blow/Characters who use this shtick must focus intently on their opponents during combat, waiting for just the right moment to strike an exposed vital area. This means that characters using this shtick may not actively dodge in combat, and that they have a -2 penalty to their passive dodge Action Value. Attacks made by this character are rolled as normal, but if the attack is successful, the character using the Vital Blow shtick ignores his opponent's toughness entirely when figuring damage.

Unique Shtick: Summon Netherworld Portal/You can create gateways into the Netherworld, unfortunately you cannot decide where in the Netherworld. The ritual for opening such a portal involves the ritual sacrifice of a woman in the preceding 7 days. You make a Sorcery roll, The Outcome is the number of shots that the portal stays open.

Unique Shticks: Ritual Sacrifice/If Simms is given enough time with a victim (at least a few hours), he can use their bodies for the following sorcerous effects Reading the entrails. This is exactly the same as the Prediction effect of the Divination Sorcerous shtick. The effect is up to the GM but should serve to make Simms a wily opponent as he seems to be able to second guess the heroes every move.

Harvest Chi (literally) /This is a variation on the effect of the same name under the Fertility Sorcerous shtick, Simms must make a Sorcery roll with the victims Chi as Difficulty. The Outcome is the number of extra positive dice that Simms can use. These dice stay with him until used, but the ritual can only be used once a month. The ritual takes as many hours as the victim possessed Chi, whether Simms was able to harvest them all or not. It is suggested that mooks only garner him a maximum of one point of Chi, and more often than not they have no Chi whatsoever.

Unique Shtick: Extra Sneaky/When making Intrusion rolls to avoid being seen, you get +2 to your AV and can make use of cover that others can't. If your GM is applying Difficulty modifiers to Intrusion checks due to poor cover, bright lighting , and so forth, your GM should adjust the Difficulty down by 2 for you. Note that this only applies to not being detected - it doesn't help when using Intrusion to pick locks , crack safes, defeat security systems etc.

Weapons: Various Knives and scalpels (10), Punch (7), Kick (8)

Sample Dialogue: "My friends call me Jack"

Distinguishing marks: Well groomed attractive man with an impressive handlebar moustache, He typically wears Victorian three piece suits and stove pipe hats, but also wears a surgeons apron when making a kill, to protect his suit from the blood splatters.

History: Dr Henry Simms is mad, he truly believes that it is his destiny to become an immortal demigod. His lust for power led him to join an obscure Masonic Lodge. He was led to believe by his sponsors that he could garner great influence and even magical power within their structured circles of power.

He was soon frustrated in his ambitions, although the lodge wielded great social and political influence, Simms soon came to believe that the sorcerous power that he had been promised did not exist. Disgusted he started to research the background of the Lodge and follow his fellow lodge members, to learn their secrets so that he could blackmail them into revealing these so called magical secrets.

He was horrified to learn, through overheard whispered conversations and burglary that the Lodge that he belonged to was but a sham. The true Lodge used himself and other pledged members as expendable servants and slaves, his life and wishes meant nothing to his "Masters", and he would only benefit as a byproduct of their labyrinthine schemes and not by his own hard toil.

He also learned that these members of this Secret Lodge with a Lodge were not even human, but creatures that only appeared human. They had many and diverse great powers, but they feared true magic for it could dissolve their very bodies. Armed at last with a potential weapon against these creatures, Simms secretly (for he feared these creatures) started to search for the arcane and hidden rituals and spells that had been passed down through the ages.

His occult research led him to an obscure Sumerian manuscript that detailed a magical ritual, involving multiple sacrifices that would allow the magician to "Walk the Ages". Simms interpreted this too mean that he would become the undying entity of his dreams, and if he was undying, he could destroy these creatures that had caused him to feel fear for the first time. He set about his gruesome task with gusto.

And so, Jack the Ripper, the most notorious serial killer of all time was born. Simms chose his victims from those he despised the most, the whores, for who would miss them, who would care? Simms ritually slaughtered five victims and left their bodies in locations that when plotted onto a map described an arcane symbol, meaning "Never Changing".

As Simms completed the ritual, a shimmering portal opened before his eyes. Beyond the portal could be seen a series of caves that were lit with some sort of unearthly light, seeing that the portal was starting to shrink, he dived through. Jack the Ripper had entered the Netherworld, become an Innerwalker, and did indeed have the ability to Walk the Ages, just not in the way that Simms had hoped for.

Simms soon adapted to the new world that he found himself in, he spent the next few months exploring the Netherworld and discovering as much about the various factions as he could. He was mightily amused to find that the Blade Freaks worship him as some sort of Messiah, he despises their methods as "crude and unconstructive".

Simms has visited all the Junctures currently open in the Secret War, but does not feel comfortable in them, and prefers to stay in the Netherworld.

He finds the 69 AD Juncture "too primitive" for his tastes although he can kill without risk of capture there. He despises the Lotus, his xenophobic nature does not allow him to trust them.

The 1850 Juncture is one that he has made a decision to stay away from, he is very aware that his younger self can be found in the London of that time, and does not want to draw attention to that fact. He is also wary of the Ascended, but less so now as he has discovered their secret. He kidnapped and imprisoned one of the mighty Lodge, within the Netherworld, only to witness her transmute into a mouse. He is very amused that the world as he knows it is run by mice.

The 1996 and 2056 Junctures worry him, he has several times had close scrapes caused by the advanced police procedures and communication of those times. Only his ability to create Netherworld Portals has saved him from capture.

Simms supports himself by operating as a sometime mercenary assassin, killing for those who can afford his rather meagre demands, he is quickly building a reputation as one of the more vicious killers to be found in the Netherworld. Simms has recently been contacted by the Vivisectors, with whom he finds some affinity, and has become one of their secret agents. So far he has refused any Arcanowave devices until he can use them competently. Although it must be said that the Variable Mass Scalpel does fascinate him.

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