The E.M.P Lance

:This appears to be a bicycle fitted with a heavy generator that is powered by pedalling the bike. The bike is fitted with a long (eight foot) conducting blunt lance, that is attached to the handlebar stem and is attached by co axial cables to the generator.  Some Jammers have fitted this lance to the side of the bike, wary of being impaled on the lance during the collision.  These wary individuals (if anyone who voluntarily rams an A.P.C with a bicycle can be called wary) are looked down upon by some within the Jammer ranks, for being "wusses".

Pedalling the bike has two effects:

a) Propels the bike forward

b) Generates an Electro magnetic charge that is stored within the lance.

The Jammers use these bikes to ambush Buro vehicles that have strayed into Jammer controlled areas. The Jammer furiously pedals the bike aiming himself at the target vehicle (it is best to start on an downhill slope).  if the lance hits the vehicle it discharges its charge into the vehicle.

The Jammer rolls his Driving skill against the Driving skill of the target's vehicles driver, if successful the pulse is discharged into the vehicle, this causes the cyclists Strength /2 +1 in impairment for all the vehicles actions that are controlled by an electrical system. This effect lasts until the end of the next sequence. An E.M.P. Lance controlled by a Named Character permanently disables a vehicle driven by a mook.

The E.M.P Lance is ineffective against Arcano-vehicles.

Why Bicycles? Most Buro vehicles have enough on board tech to detect an electrical, fusion or combustion device, however a human (or ape) powered vehicle, such as a bike is invisible to these devices.

On a Way Awful Failure, a multitude of things can happen; maybe the charge dissipates into the bike frame, badly burning the rider (10 damage), or the lance does not discharge (leaving the Jammer in the woeful position of having just rammed a horribly be-weaponed Main Battle Tank with a bicycle) or the rider falls off, its up to the GM really.

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