Jason Voorhees, Unstoppable Juggernaut of Destruction

Attributes: Bod 11 (Tgh 12, Mov 5) Chi 0 (Mag 8) Mind 3 (Perception 7, Willpower 10) Ref 5

Skills: Martial Arts 15 (This is more just hitting things really, really hard), Creature Powers 17

Unique Shticks: Big Bruiser Unique Shtick/50 WP

The Everyman Hero This'll Do Shticks/Improvised weapon = +1 to AV

Reflexes of the Cobra/As we all know if there is a tie in Initiative, then the Player Characters (the heroes) always go first. This Shtick allows GMC's to actually act before the Player Characters.

Creature shticks: Inevitable Comeback (X25)/Make a Death Check using Magic instead of Con, if successful, you appear to die and return in 10 sequences (I would remove the minus on the WP's for this character and make the number of returns for an entire campaign rather than a session. I know cannot die simulates this as well, but I personally don't like that power.)

Damage Immunity/Immune to suffocation and Drowning.

Brain Shredder (X2)/ This power only works once someone has put Jason down, the Damage done is the number of sequences that the victim must run away from his seeming corpse

Weapons: Punch (12), Kick (13), Brain Shredder (10 Sequences). Other Weapons that Jason seems to have a predilection for are Machete (15), Boat Hook (15), Chainsaw: 17 (STR+6, jams on botch requiring Fix It Roll or STR roll to clear), Sledgehammers (15), Nailgun (9/4/50 capable of autofire) etc.

Typical Quote: None, he just stands there and stares.

Description: A brute of a man dressed in typical outdoorsy clothes he wears a distinctive white hockey mask. As he uses up his inevitable comebacks, his appearance should worsen; his clothes get badly torn, his mask suffers a blow from a machete or sword, which takes a segment out of it. As time goes on his undead status becomes more obvious. However, he never loses the mask, in a lot of ways it counts as a Signature Item.

History: Jason Voorhees was one of the worst serial killers ever to terrorize America. During his reign of terror he killed over three dozen "trespassers" to the Crystal Lake area. Why so many people kept visiting this highly dangerous area is unknown, it is possible that Crystal Lake was a minor Feng Shui site that called to people, and helped its sole attuner, Jason, hide in its twisting forest trails. Eventually Jason was killed by a fusillade of police bullets and his body was taken for autopsy.

Penny Bane, The Lotus General for the 1990's Juncture had long followed Jason's career with interest and arranged a private viewing of his body through her contacts. What she saw pleased her greatly and she attempted to raise him as her undead servant. Bane seriously underestimated the strength of will of her new undead creation and he immediately fought free of her control, and fled into the night.

Now Jason roams the backroads of the world, killing whenever the urge to do so overtakes him. Jason's previous tastes continue to drive him and he prefers his victims to be small clusters of people cut off from others, whom he picks of one by one. He has wandered into the Netherworld more than once, where it is rumored that his appearance has inspired several Blade Freaks..

It is not thought that Jason has entered any of the other junctures, although Dr. John Haynes, The Dragon affiliated Historian has found an ancient text on Vlad the Impaler, that mentions Ja' Son of the Whore, one of the tyrants lieutenants, a crude drawing of this evil creature has also been found, and he is depicted wielding a serrated broadsword (a chainsaw?) and wearing a skull mask (a hockey mask?) This monster is a loose cannon in the Secret War, although it can be taken as given that certain ruthless individuals will find a use for such a depraved beast.

Notes: Jason is really tough, but then he isn't designed to be dispatched in a single session. I envision him as an ongoing nemesis, that should be used sparingly. He is more a force of (entropic) nature than a GMC, and it is more than possible that the Dragons could use him to even up the odds a bit before a major battle. Jason isn't exactly what you could call intelligent , and doesn't (usually) remember a grudge for more than a session or two.

Optional Stuff (That makes him even tougher)

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