The Jock

By Rupert Smith

You could be a professional athlete or a high school jock, it doesn't really matter. The important thing is that sports, or one sport in particular, is the most important thing in your life (and conceivably the only thing you're good at ). (GM note: martial arts don't count. Anyone who takes this archetype with (say) kendo, or fencing, deserves to be harmed).

You're not very bright, but you're very popular with a certain kind of dumb blonde cheerleader type. Yup, you're an all-American boy :) you stumbled onto the secret war through your melodramatic hook (girlfriend is a Jammer/Trananimal/etc.) and are not entirely sure what's going on, but you're trusty baseball bat (or whatever) will see you through it.

Attributes: Bod 6 Chi 0 (For=5) Mnd 4 (Cha 6) Ref 6

Add 2 among primary attributes, add 2 to two secondary attributes.


Martial arts=12

info/sport 12

drive 10 [Max 13]

info/ your choice 8

Add 5 skill bonuses. Same limitations as Everyman hero.

Unique Shtick: Super-Sports! You excel at your own specific sport. Whenever doing something in or out of combat that uses your sports skills add 2 to your MA AV. Examples included: baseballers pitching at people, skating along the road battering people with a hockey stick, volleyball players spiking watermelons at mooks. Use your imagination, damnit! GM note: this should be role-played; it's not sufficient to hit people with (say) a baseball bat, you have to take your stance and wind up properly. It's a sport, remember :) signature.. equipment. This could be your favourite hockey stick, or baseball bat, or anything even faintly plausible. Effects are the same as signature weapon.

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