Transformed Kangaroo

Transformed Kangaroo are obviously from Australia, although one or two have been found in India.  They are rare outside of the Australian sub-continent, but are fairly common in the pacific rim.  They are usually loners and are not given to Lodge membership, usually.  Almost all of them are Aborigines

Attribute Modifiers Bod +1, Move +2, Charisma -1, Agility +1

Flurry              Chi: X                           Shot: 3

Moving in close to your opponent you unleash a rapid flurry of punches. Make a successful Martial Arts attack (punch only), adding 1 damage to the total for every Chi you spend

Leap            Chi: 2                            Shot: 3

Leap up to twice your normal Move Rating, either horizontally or vertically.  The multiplier increases by 2 for each schtick you spend in this ability: for two schticks you get to leap four times your normal Move rating; for three schticks you can leap six times your move rating and, so on

Piledrive Kick                  Chi: 1                            Shot: 3

Leap into the air and hit an opponent with both of your feet by making a Martial Arts check.  If the check is successful, opponent is hurled backwards a number of metres equal to the Outcome.  Opponents must make a check on his Dodge Action Value with your Action Result as the Difficulty, or suffer normal damage from your attack in addition to being knocked back.

Pouch            Chi: X                            Shot: 0

At the end of every Sequence, the Kangaroo can store any unused Chi (that number being X) in its Karmic Pouch.  The maximum number of Chi points that can be stored is equal to the number of Schticks spent on this ability.  The GM decides how many Chi points are stored at the beginning of the fight, these Chi points can be used for Trananimal or Fu powers.

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