Last Round

By Ben Rasmussen

When the chips are down and the time is right, the character can pull through and make their last bullet count. The character must be down to their last round of ammunition among all their guns in order to get the bonus from Last Round. In this case they gain an extra fortune die that may be used for a single guns check they make. This is addition to a regular fortune die that the character may elect to expend.

Last Round is only compatible with lightning reload or other shticks that grant addition ammunition if the character chooses to forgo their advantages for the rest of the fight. However the character may reacquire guns or ammunition from others during or after the fight normally.

Extra levels of Last Round may be purchased with each level providing an additional bonus die for a single bullet. Thus with 3 levels of Last Round the character may fire his last 3 bullets separately with a bonus fortune die each.


I've only gotten to play-test this shtick once and it worked reasonably well. I tried to balance it from being too overpowering to too underpowered. For a shtick that only provides a fortune die seems kind of pricey. But it is reusable under the right circumstances and it can be used with a normal fortune point.

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