I Need a Bigger Gun...

By David Reuhl

Which of course means machineguns. Heavy, awkward, and hard to get ammo for, but with style all their own and the punch to get the job done. Plus, they can fire for long periods of time without reloading or needing those pesky Lightning Reload shticks and are intimidating as hell. Some machineguns have a "+" after their Ammo stat as you can link multiple belts together. All machineguns are automatic fire only, so they do burn through the ammo. However, Long and Extreme range penalties are halved as you can "walk the fire" using tracers. Here's a sample of ones characters might like:

Bren 13**/8/30

The Bren is a WWII British top loading clip fed gun in .303 caliber. It was arguably the best light machinegun of the war and the British even made a whole APC for it. The big-ass gun that guy shot off in "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" was a Bren Gun.

BAR 13**/8/30

The BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) was designed during WWI and was the standard US light machinegun until the late '50s. It looks like an M14 rifle on steroids and is .30-06 caliber. A civilian version called the Monitor was sold during the '30s and was popular with gangsters. Clyde Barrow carried a sawed off version of one in with a shoulder sling (Concealment 5)

M60D 13**/8/100+

The M60 has been the standard US general purpose machinegun since the late '50s and is 7.62mm. Heavy but reliable, it's just the thing for one man army types to take into battle. The new "D" version is a little lighter than previous versions and has a front "gangster grip" for extra style. (note: these stats can be used for pretty much any modern GPMG such as the FN-MAG or the Russian PK)

FN-Minimi 13*/7/30 or 250

Known in the US Army as the M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon), the Minimi fires 5.56mm rounds from either a 250 round belt coiled in a box or from a standard 30 round M16 magazine. It doesn't have the punch or range of the bigger guns but it is lighter and is rather accurate as the weight of the weapon eliminates most of the felt recoil. Lou Diamond Phillips had one in "Courage Under Fire".

M2HB 15**/12/105+

The Ma-Deuce (No one argues with Mother, she always has the last word), this .50 caliber/12.5mm monster was originally designed as an anti-tank gun in 1918 and is still used as the heavy machinegun in armies around the world. The supermodern M1A1 tank even carries one. Weighing 80 pounds (or 120 pounds with tripod) a strong man can carry one but nothing human can fire one while holding it and live, as the recoil can flip over a jeep if mounted wrong. Something nonhuman with a strength of 14 could though.

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