This appears to be a "sawn off" childs metal detector that is connected by a yellow flex to a noisy backpack generator. This weapon fires a concentrated beam at a target that polarises any metal gear that he may be holding, making it magnetic.  The Outcome of the roll is the Strength roll that a wielder must overcome to keep hold of the item, in the right environment.  This roll is made when the item first becomes magnetic, and at the start of each sequence.  If the Magno Strength of the item is half the Strength of the welder, and there are metal surfaces that can attract the weapon, it is used at a -1 AV; if the Magno Strength is the same or higher than the welders strength then this AV penalty increases to -2.  The Magnetic Strength is culmative so the effect can be increased with extra hits.  This Gun is fired using Fix-It or the Jammertech skill.

This weapon can take a mook out of combat in the normal way, they are either taken out by flying metal or stupidly try and pull their sword off of the metal wall until a Named character casually cold cocks them.

If the target is wearing metal armour, and is in the right environment, the effect can be devastating as the he is pelted with metal objects or even gets stuck  to a metal surface.  The Jammers favourite trick is to ambush metal wearing foes (such as Four Monarch troops, and some Lotus forces) and in The Junkyard.  They bemoan the fact that The Bobo's wear Carbon Polymer armour.

A team of Jammers are working on a MagnoCannon, something they swear will wreak havoc on the Buro Hover Tanks, that have been such a thorn in the Jammer's sides

The Stats for this gun are:  9/5/15.  The damage is its base Magno Strength.

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