Men in Black

By Gerry Saracco

"We are a shadow, a rumor. We are the last, best, and only line of defense against the horrors of the night. We are the Men in Black"

There are unconfirmed rumors that the Ascended also recruited a renegade Shih, and have trained a cadre of pledged to use their fu paths against supernatural forces in the 1850 & contemporary junctures.

The truth is that a renegade Shih did get recruited into the Ascended. Much like his counterpart who joined the Guiding Hand, this Shih had become jaded about maintaining the natural order.  Too many supernatural beings abuse their powers, and the Shih cannot be everywhere.

After this Shih was recruited into the Lodge, the Unspoken Name ordered the creation of a special group of enforcers. These enforcers became known as the Men in Black. These enforcers combine the special martial arts training of the Shih with the skills of modern combat.

Attributes: Bod 5 (6), Chi 2 (4), Mnd 5, Ref 6

Note: All attributes in () are for named Men in Black only


(Deceit 13)

(Driving 12)

Guns 10 (14)

(Info/Occult 13)

(Intrusion 13)

Martial Arts 10 (14)

Police 13

Note: All skills in () are for named Men in Black only.

Men in Black use Police as they will normally be given some form of Police powers in the country they operate in.

Fu Schticks: The Path of Devil Judgement:  Prone Fighting (1/1)/This ability allows the user to fight while prone without any negative modifiers to their AV. Anyone else attempting to fight while prone suffer a -2 to their AV. This ability allows the user to continue fighting, without the need to spend time getting to their feet after being knocked down.

The Path of Inner Power: Steel Skin (3/0)/Focus your Chi, permeating it through your body. For the remainder of the sequence, add 2 to your toughness.

Gun Schticks: Both Guns Blazing/Can shoot opponents with both pistols doing:  (Total  Damage of Both Guns - Toughness X2) + Outcome.  Fires at a penalty of -2.  or

Eagle Eye/Ignore Armour of opponents when using Missile Weapons 

Lightning Reload/Reloading a gun takes one shot less time.

Unique Schtick: Like the Grey Monks, the Men in Black have highly tuned their senses towards the supernatural. This allows them to mimic the Divination special Effect Revelation, with a +2 bonus to their AV when doing so. Unlike the Grey Monks, the Men in Black are not taught to use this ability to see the true forms of transformed animals.

Weapons: 1850: 2 Colt revolvers, Lefaucheaux Shotgun [Western MiB; see Blood of the Valiant for stats] Bow, Staff, Sword [Eastern MiB] Contemporary: Sig-Sauer P-220, MP5 K, Spas 12.

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